Blacks, Tiger, and Race

12 12 2009

 Unless you’ve been in an underground bunker for the past two weeks, you’re probably as saturated with Tiger Woods news as I am. Every day brings another “bimbo eruption,” as more and more women crawl out of the woodwork claiming to have had sex with the Tiger.

What is interesting about the Tiger Woods scandal is that he seems to be a human Rorschach test: What most perturbs you about him says more about you than it does about Tiger himself.

Case in point: Black pundits have a beef with Tiger — but it’s not about his adultery and betrayal of marital vows; nor about the pain and humiliation of his wife, Elin; nor about his jeopardizing the health of his wife and children by his having had unprotected sex with many women, including call girls and a porn actress. Instead, these black pundits are upset with Tiger because none of the women with whom he’s had dalliances is black! Truly, it is liberals who are obsessed with RACE.

So, it is most refreshing when I found this article by Lloyd Marcus in the American Thinker

Welcome to Giovanni’s World, Mr. Marcus! We are honored that you have generously allowed the Conservative Endowment for the Arts to display your artwork!




By Lloyd Marcus – Dec 11, 2009

Black community spokespersons tell us the black community is offended because all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses are white. I find the whole “black spokesperson” thing absurd. The media runs to Sharpton, Jackson, and others to get the official black-America take on hot issues. Are we a tribe? Are these guys our chiefs? By the way, who are the spokespersons for white America?

I am saddened that Woods the sports icon is an adulterer and has destroyed his family and wholesome image. But to the fact that Tiger prefers white women, I say so what? It is racist for these black liberal plantation overseers to make an issue of it. And how arrogant of them to think they can dictate whom someone should date?
Black liberal plantation overseers are notorious for claiming ownership of successful blacks, similar to the mob hitting up a business for their “cut.” When Tiger first broke into the national spotlight, he was pressured, “What are you going to do for the black community?” There was even a slight tug-of-war between the races over who could claim the most ownership of the multiracial cash cow. Black overseers simply tolerated Tiger marrying a white woman.
Interracial dating is pretty common today. When my white wife and I began dating thirty years ago, things were quite different. We experienced hate from both sides. A black maid told our potential landlord, “Don’t rent to them because any black man with a white woman is no good.” On one occasion, Mary and I were chased while driving by a carload of angry white men. Another incident happened while we were having dinner in a family restaurant: I was hit in the head with a bottle. Today, we don’t even consider our being an interracial couple an issue.
This may sound shocking to some, but what is wrong with Tiger preferring white women? As human beings, for whatever reasons, we have a multitude of varying tastes. In college, I had a 120-pound friend who would not give a woman a second look unless she weighed at least 300 pounds. I have known white men who exclusively date black women. Why are someone’s (legal) mating choices anyone’s business?
In typical liberal control-freak fashion, black overseers are lamenting the fact that they cannot control with whom Tiger has affairs. Note that the black overseers have no sympathy for his betrayed “white” wife…kind of reminds you of the O.J. trial.
If a white group publicly disapproved of Tiger dating exclusively white women, the media would be all over them screaming racism, and rightly so. But racism from blacks is met with sympathy and understanding by the media.
Speaking of the media, what is this Tiger Woods infidelity feeding-frenzy really all about? The media was dragged kicking and screaming to the Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and other Democrat scandals. So why are they gleefully focused on digging up dirt on Tiger 24/7?
Sadly, the word is “wholesome.” Tiger’s image was wholesome, and the media hates wholesome…which explains much of their insane hatred for Sarah Palin.
In America today, virtue and morals are despised by the media. People who believe in enforcing immigration laws are vilified as racists. People who believe in hard work as opposed to entitlements are branded selfish, heartless, and cruel. When Clinton had sex with an intern, the media chided us for being judgmental and hypocritical. The liberal media said any man in Clinton’s shoes would have behaved as he did. Thus, to save Clinton, the media trashed all men and campaigned to lower the mainstream standard of acceptable behavior.
The media loves it when “good people” fail because it strengthens their argument that standards of moral behavior are unreachable and should be eliminated. This is why libs hate having the Ten Commandments displayed in public. This is also why the liberal media hates conservatives. We conservatives stand for something: principles, morals, and values. Do we keep them religiously? No. On numerous occasions, we fail. That’s what Jesus is for. But our weaknesses and failures in no way weaken the standard. For example, should we legalize theft because people steal?
Tiger’s fall helps the libs to say, “See that, all you goody-two-shoes? Even your wholesome-image Tiger Woods is a fraud.”
And I must say this: I believe that if Tiger were having affairs with men, he would be a hero to Perez Hilton and praised by the liberal media for “coming out.”
Tiger’s fall from grace is truly unfortunate. I pray this will be a turning point in the life of this extraordinary young man and his family. Sometimes God gives us great gifts wrapped in ugly packages.
Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American



2 responses

12 12 2009
The Angry White Woman

Amen, Mr. Marcus.

12 12 2009

Very well said!

Sad state of affairs we live in today when color matters more than character..

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