Please Welcome Lloyd Marcus

11 12 2009

This is one of those times when I can write about good things and good people. Sooooo…   Our recent addition of Mr. Lloyd Marcus to our “Conservative Endowment for the Arts” site is a real blessing. Please give him a Gio’sWorld ‘welcome’ to the family. Leave encouraging words below in the comments section.

We at CEA look for anyone who can contribute art that expresses Conservative ideals and values. We especially appreciate political satire that makes fun of the American left! Art can come in many forms. There is painting, sketching, computerized, digitized, cartoons, poetry, music, etc. The reason we are so excited about Lloyd joining our family is two-fold: One, he’s a true Patriot who loves our country. Two, he’s an artist in every sense of the word. He sings, he writes, he paints, he speaks, he does it all.


Did I mention he writes and sings his own stuff?! Enjoy… “Twenty Ten” 

In a few short months Lloyd will be once again hitting the road with the Tea Party Express III. If you can’t meet-up with Lloyd in your home town then meet him in Washington D.C. on April 15th at the feet of Abraham Lincoln at ole Abes Monument.

God bless him and all good patriots!


Lloyds music can be ordered here…




3 responses

11 12 2009

Welcome Lloyd…glad to have you on board! Love your stuff!

Your videos are AWESOME!!!

11 12 2009

Thank you, Mr. Marcus, for contributing your artwork to the Conservative Endowment for the Arts! You’re an inspiration.

12 12 2009

Welcome Lioyd, Keep kicking butt. You are awesome…………..Steve

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