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10 12 2009

We are fast approaching a new year and one that holds the promise of turmoil and lines being drawn in the sand. I predict this is going to be one of the most politically active years in our nations history. And it won’t be because of the elections in November. This has to do with taking back the country from the grips of Communist Progressives and president Obama.

With this in mind, I will be posting any and all calls to action by any and all legitimate organizations. Below is one such organization, and they want to take positive action along with others. Some of you may have heard about the internal flap in one of the 912 organizations that came to being because of Glenn Beck setting the stage. Evidently, someone got their feelings hurt or something and stomped off like a child, or whatever. I do NOT care. Saving this country is a helluva lot more important than some petty spat. If someone in one 912 org is mad at another I say… GET OVER IT.

So, here is one of my first postings concerning taking action. Get informed. Get connected. Get our country back!




Are you ready to Restore The Republic!

Then we have some good news for you… The Plan is HERE!

Step One: Join the National 912 Coalition Community!

Coalition supporters agree the federal government has grown too
large, too intrusive, and too expensive. They believe in smaller
government, civil liberties, federalism, and low taxes. Coalition
supporters look to end laws and programs that don’t work, cause
harm, and violate the Constitution. Coalition members wish to
return power to the Individual and the States and reduce and
limit the power held by the Federal Government.

Those who belong to the coalition have one unifying purpose…

The Restoration of Constitutional Principle and
Values to Government and Public Policy.

Over 20,000 have joined us in the community in the last 8 Months!

If you agree and believe it is time to Restore Constitutional
Principles and Values to Public Policy then you are invited to…

Join the National 912 Coalition Community at:


Once you are a Coalition Community Member you will have the
ability to take Step Two!

Step Two: Join Your State Coalition

While the coalition is a National Organization… for our
members to have the most impact they need to also belong to
and support their State’s Coalition Community.

Thousands of supporters have already taken Step Two, have you?

To find and join your State’s Coalition Community visit:


Already a State Coalition Community Member? Then you can
proceed to Step Three!

Step Three: Join Your District Chapter.

Once you visit your State Coalition’s Community you will be
given the opportunity to join your Local District Chapter.

It will be through the District Chapters which have been
established in every Congressional District in the Country
that Coalition Supporters can get involved in implementing

Our District Chapter Members will be encourage to get involved
at every level of local politics and community development.
They will become THE VOICE for their friends and neighbors
to help Restore Constitutional Principles and Values to
Government and Public Policy.

From attending School Board and City Council meetings, to
hosting their own Town Hall Meetings it will be the District
Chapter Members that will be at the forefront of the battle
to Reclaim Our Country in 2010!

Visit your State’s Community to Join District Chapter!


Step Four: Supporting Principled Candidates!

By getting actively involved at the Community Level, we can make
sure that those that hold any position now, or who may seek to
hold one in the future, will have the community’s best interest
at heart.

The District Chapter Members will look to endorse and help local
politicians who support our Principles and Values get elected,
and to assure those that who seek to serve to represent their
own self-interest, unions, big government, or a political
ideology that is not based on Constitutional Principles.

Want to Help Choose the Right Candidates!

If you want to continue the Conservative Revolution one of the
strategies being supported by Coalition Members is to take over
the Grassroots Mechanism for selecting the future Candidates
of one or both of the major political policy!

By getting directly involved in the Candidate Selection Process,
912 Coalition Supporters can make sure that the “right” candidate
gets on the ticket in the first place.

To accomplish this we have introduced the Precinct Project!

To Learn More come visit the Coalition Community TODAY at:


The PLAN is here… now it is up to you to get involved and help
us Reclaim America in 2010 and beyond!

Live Free…
KC Freeman, Membership Director
The National 912 Coalition


H.R. 1146: American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009

Here is your chance to help support the movement to have the
US Withdrawal from the UN and to Restore American Sovereignty!

H.R.1146 is in the first step in the legislative process. Most
bills never make it pass this step but if you take action now
we can let Congress know the Time Has Come for the US to
Withdrawal from the UN!

Let your voice be heard… visit http://www.Direct2Congress.org
and petition your representative directly in support of H.R. 1146.

Its fast, its easy, and its free!




2 responses

10 12 2009

Great post, Gio!

I’ve been a member of my local area’s group since it began as one of Glenn Beck’s Meetup groups. My group’s leader is a great gal who retired from the Air Force. She keeps us informed with a daily stream of e-mail. She also asked me to do a research project on California’s impending redistricting:

* What the new redistricting committee is supposed to be (California voters got fed up with letting the state legislature redistrict);

* How the committee members will be selected, etc.

It was an interesting project because I learnt a lot. Now, my group leader has the information she needs to get conservatives to apply to be on the committee!

I encourage every friend of Giovanni’s World to join your local 9/12 coalition group. Get involved! Don’t be a passive consumer of news. Get active! This is the ONLY way we’ll ever get our country back.

11 12 2009
Human Resource Management Blog

Nice sharing gal..

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