‘Twas the Night Before Christmas….

10 12 2009

H/t my friend Sol!




By Anonymous

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the House
Ms. Pelosi was scurrying, like a big botoxed mouse.
She was rounding up colleagues to bend to her will,
And pass the two thousand page-long health care bill.

Its copies were stacked on each lectern with care,
In hopes that the votes for its passage were there.
Meanwhile in the Senate, that Scrooge Harry Reid,
Was twisting some arms for the votes that he’d need.

The end of the sessions seemed nowhere in sight
As our reps settled down for a long winter’s night.
Not a peep from the liberals about mounting debt,
They just wished they were outbound on a private jet. 

Dreaming fondly, it seems, of vacation, instead
Of debating a bill most of them hadn’t read. 
A few moderate Democrats pondered again
The sad fate that awaited in two thousand ten.

From the previous summer, they knew all too well,
How the staid town hall meetings turned into pure hell.
They could barely remember a ruckus like that,
Since the day they tossed in their political hat.

Yet now here it was Christmas (was that word still allowed? )
And back home, before long, they’d be facing those crowds
Of dissatisfied voters, some surly and mad,
Who considered Obamacare badder than bad.

So the reason the pols hadn’t yet taken leave,
Was to push through the blasted bill on Christmas Eve,
When constituents had other things on their mind,
Ah, yes, that was the best time for bills to be signed.

‘Tis the season when folks think about peace on earth,
Or of SantaClaus, good will, and Babe Jesus’ birth!
So they couldn’t care less if on this night so still,
Their homesick public servants slaved over some bill.  

From the windows, the snow fall made D.C. look grand,
But inside, the snow job was the matter at hand.   
To shove public health care down America’s throat,
Hoping folks would forget when it came time to vote.  

Ms. Pelosi sat snug in her posh Speaker’s chair
While visions of Marxism danced ‘round her hair
Then from out of the Senate there rose such loud groans,
The chattering solons put down their cell phones.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear
But some Democrat holdouts who acted quite  weird.
One of them, Mary Landrieu from the Bayou State
(And “buy  you” they do to advance the debate!)

Was — despite all her pork and her ballyhooed gloat–
Giving some thought – God help her! — to changing her vote! 
But it didn’t take long ‘’til her spine turned to jelly
As the purse strings were loosed for still yet more pork belly. 

And so both bills were passed, and they turned off the lights –
Merry Christmas to all, and for all a sad plight.




3 responses

10 12 2009


Your friend should submit his stuff to the Conservative Endowment for the Arts. He should share his talents with the country.


10 12 2009


I got this from my friend Sol, who got this as an e-mail from someone else. Noone knows who the author of this poem is. Can we post it on CEA as written by Anonymous?


10 12 2009

To mimic Gio……Excellent! Whoever wrote this is extremely talented! Kudos.

Let’s try to flush this bill down the toilet so we can all have a very Merry CHRISTmas.

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