Mass Media Is Broken

10 12 2009

Ok folks, this is going to be a quicky…

Communist China's most talked about Wax look-alike figure is none other than Obama. Sigh...

We heard via all sorts of media that a group of moderate and liberal Democratic senators reached an agreement Wednesday to abandon a controversial government-run public option in favor of offering private plans supervised by the government and expanding Medicare.

Now Democratic leaders are hopeful they have addressed all the concerns of their fractious majority in order to reach the magical number of 60 votes to end debate.


We now learn that there was NO such agreement. The group of moderate Democrats had sent information forward to the CBO and others to simply get some numbers. All they did was ask “what if”?

This is fortunate for those of us that DO NOT WANT ANY GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE PROGRAM. It means that the Dems still DO NOT have the 60 votes needed to pass the bill. Thank you Jesus. 

The media seems to have gotten caught-up in the hype AGAIN!

Afterthought… My Doctor called me at home Sunday afternoon to discuss a change in medication because of some recent blood test results. That kind of service that I get for my family will end abruptly with the passage of Obamacare.





One response

10 12 2009
Doc's Wife

I realize that I am prejudiced, but my husband loves his patients and most like him. He comes home each night w/ tidbits that he has talked about w/ them. It can be anything from feeding birds to good a good way to catch fish. He has always said that many patients complaints can be solved by listening to them. When asked what is going to happen to us w/ Obamacare, he said, “I am going to have to run them thru like cattle.” This makes me so sad.

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