Even The Brits Don’t Like Obama

9 12 2009

H/T goes out to Jess for this one.

Even the Brits don’t like Obama, and who can fault them. I’m keeping a private journal as Beck has suggested doing. Once a week I make a short note to myself about something I want to have at my “Obama-out-of-office Bar-B-Q and end of the second American revolution” celebration party. I hope he’s out fairly soon cause this party of mine is starting to get very big.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to let the Brits entertain us with short pieces like this…


We here in Britain are well-aquainted with the haughty disdain with which U.S. President Barack Obama likes to treat his European allies.  We might have the largest military force of any European country fighting alongside the Americans in southern Afghanistan, but that doesn’t seem to count for much at the White House, where Mr Obama’s shabby treatment of our prime minister has now become the norm. Whether it is offering him a box set of dvds, or forcing him to conduct important bilateral meetings in the kitchens of the U.N. complex in New York, Mr Obama’s charmless treatment of Gordon Brown has become a standard feature of the so-called special relationship.

But now, with his dismissive treatment of the Nobel peace prize committee, Mr Obama’s supercilious behaviour has plunged new depths.  One might question why on earth the worthy souls responsible for awarding the prize decided on someone whose main claim to fame so far is simply to have got himself elected. But having accepted the award, the least Mr Obama could do would be to show the Norwegian hosts some respect. But no, Mr Obama insists on doing everything his way, even when it comes to something as banal as accepting a peace prize, and on this occasion he has managed to cause immense offence to the peace-loving Scandawegians.

First Mr Obama declines an invitation to lunch with King Harald V, the Norwegian monarch,  an event every other winner, from the Dailai Lama to Al Gore, has graciously accepted. Then he announces he won’t have time to visit the Oslo Peace Centre, where the achievements of previous winners are celebrated. As one Norwegian public relations expert puts it: “The American president is acting like an elephant in a porcelain shop.”




6 responses

10 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–What can I bring to the Bar-B-que? It should be HUGE!!! Reading this, I can’t decide if Obama is Obtuse, stupid, or so stuck on himself that he believes he can be so rude to people. I suspect all three are true. His nose is stuck so high in the air that I wish he’d Drown. Also, as a side note, Michelle looked like HELL getting off the plane in Norway. I love fashion, and this woman is the height of TACKY!!!! She looks worse than my twenty-something daughters who can get away w/ these get-ups.

10 12 2009


Fashion, what’s that? I traded my high dollar business suits for Carharts, so fashion now is how a mud splotch looks on my overalls.


10 12 2009

Let’s see:

Obama was rude to the Brits, and now to the Norwegians.
But Obama bowed DEEPLY to the Saudi Arabia king and Japan’s emperor.

Is there a pattern here? YES! The Brits and Norwegians are all white people, whereas the Saudi and Japanese are non-white Arab and Oriental, respectively.

Conclusion: Obama hates white people. He bowed to the Saudi and Japanese BECAUSE HE SEES BOTH AS THE colored VICTIMS OF AMERICA. (Of course, since he does not have a firm grasp of history, he manages to have forgotten that the Japanese started the war with us by bombing Pearl Harbor.)

For Obama, it’s all about race.

10 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Eowyn–I believe you are right about Obama’s dislike of whites. I have believed for quite some time that both he and Michelle despise anyone who is white and have a huge chip on their shoulders. This is a very touchy subject, and I tend to be too opinionated (or so my kids say) I believe he would like to turn things upside down, have whites living in mud huts and everyone else above us.

10 12 2009

Doc’s Wife,

Since Obama is half white, this means he must hate himself. He’d make a most interesting case study (or lab rat) for psychiatrists!

10 12 2009

I vote lab rat for him.


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