Baby Killers Celebrate!

9 12 2009

This is what 'People for the American Way' are celebrating.

Another happy day for the People for the American Way. One of our country’s more insideous organizations. Below is what they are sending out to their supporters. Please do some thinking while you read the crap below. These people will stop at nothing to make sure that innocent babies can be murdered and tortured for whatever reason is in vogue that month. It is people and organizations like this that YOU MUST STAY IN THE FIGHT for. If we let the Obama administration and his radical leftist supporters continue to destroy this country, we the people will be to blame.

Let this email below be the catalyst that get’s you involved. We have two very noble goals… To save the lives of millions of innocent babies. And to save the greatest Nation on the planet!


People for the American Way

This evening, the U.S. Senate voted down a restrictive anti-choice amendment to the health care reform bill. Thank you and congratulations on one more victory in this ongoing campaign to save Choice in health care reform.

The failed amendment, introduced by Sens. Ben Nelson and Orrin Hatch, was the Senate version of the one that passed in the House (proposed by Reps. Bart Stupak and Joseph Pitts). Its outrageously restrictive language would prohibit health insurance plans that participate in the new exchange from providing full reproductive health benefits to millions of American women.

I’m glad that the Senate stood up so powerfully to right-wing activists who want to hold health care reform hostage. And I’m glad that, together, we were able to help make a difference.

But this is just one more hurdle in a long fight.

The battle is not yet over in the Senate. And the fight to save Choice will likely continue into the new year when the Right will be doing all it can to keep the Stupak-Pitts language in final health care bill as the Senate reconciles its version with the House’s.

I hope you will continue to stand with me, People For the American Way and the millions of women who depend on legal protections for their fundamental reproductive rights and health.

If you have yet to join the petition, please sign now.

Help spread the word by forwarding this email.

And, if you can afford to help with a donation to this important work, your help is much needed and I know People For the American Way will put your contribution to immediate good use.

Thank you again, for all that you do.


In Solidarity,

Kathleen Turner,

PFAW Activist and PFAW Foundation Board Member

Anti-choice leaders are working hard to restrict women’s health care options. Everyone who cares about health care reform and reproductive freedom needs to keep pushing their elected officials to oppose restrictive anti-choice language in the health care bill.




2 responses

9 12 2009
Cec Moon

The Nelson-Hatch bill was not all that definitive in the fight to prevent federal funding of abortion. It was primarily designed by Nelson as a palliative to his Nebraska constituency to prove his “moderate” creds. It was a watered-down piece of crap from the beginning and would have done little to halt the finance of the abortion racket.

I would have thought that Hatch would have known better. I haven’t heard much from out west that would indicate he needed any reinforcement for re-election. Personally, I would appreciate a stronger guy in his office.

It was actually a weaker version of the Hyde bill which passed back in ’73 and protected the unborn from federal financing up to this date. A little research on Henry Hyde and his history in the house will reveal a man of principal, courage and always spoiling for a fight. Too bad such men are apparently missing today.

If nothing else, the bill did give a few of the senators a chance to choose up sides.

9 12 2009

the millions of women who depend on legal protections for their fundamental reproductive rights and health. I am SO SICK of this BS…call me the “Right” all you want because I know I AM RIGHT. WTF has “reproductive” rights got to do with abortion? Reproductive doesn’t mean to kill you stupid pigs! Ms. Turner is going to have a very unpleasant experience when she meets our maker…Can’t..take..any..more…

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