ACORN – Obama – Cookies

9 12 2009

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has discovered unassailable proof of the hidden ties between President Obama’s administration and the community organizing group ACORN: ACORN cookies at the White House!

Or just acorn-shaped cookies. Whatever.

Via Politico, King wrote on his Twitter account Wednesday, “At the WH Christmas Ball Monday night, they served ACORN cookies.”




7 responses

9 12 2009


I have NEVER known anyone who makes Acorn-shaped cookies. Nor have I heard of anyone making Acorn-shaped cookies for Christmas. This cannot be accidental.

But I also think this is a trap. WH, when confronted by accusations such as King’s, will act all innocent and surprised, “You conservatives are nuts!!” (no pun intended.)

9 12 2009
Doc's Wife

This blatant display of serving acorns is no mistake. I believe these fools are just thumbing their noses at us!!! We can uncover unbelievable crooks and thieves, and they are saying, “You can’t hurt or stop us”

9 12 2009

Oh yes we can…….tick tock tick tock……can you hear it….it seems to be getting louder everyday……don’t know when, but the arrogance and disdain they show for Americans is going to be felt with a backlash and fury that will the Arrogant one calling up his buddy Chavez for a place to stay………Mark my words………It’s palpable…it’s in the air and I do not know if it can be stopped.

9 12 2009

Steve (and Dog),

I’m hoping that we can someday soon take a some ACORNS and shove them up their poop-chutes.

What’s happening to our country is criminal and Obama is on the verge of TREASON!


9 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–Shoving acorns would be great!..Is there anyone in our c ountry who can stop him at this point. He is gaining so much power in the Executive Branch that we literally need an angel from heaven to descend on him.

9 12 2009


I hear ya loud and clear!!!

Don’t give up hope just yet, just yet (the word ‘hope’ has been totally cheapened by Obama). Let me explain… The bad news first. During his show today, Beck mentioned that he had spoken to a Congress-critter earlier in the day. Whoever (whomever?) he spoke to told him that the Obama people and those in congress that follow the ‘O’ are gutting our entire political system. That truly scared me.

Buuuuuuttt… Glenn Beck, in my opinion, is going to be the one to lead the way until he can find others to take the steering wheel. Glenn has some big plans for next year which he has mentioned but also kept people in the dark as far as details. I trust him.

In this day and age, I trust very few people, but I trust Glenn. He has stated that he will spend every penney of his own money to help steer this off-course ship to safe waters. I believe him.

Both are good reasons for us to be a little patient. The first of the year is going to find us very busy. How’s that for a prediction?


10 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–Glen Beck is going to make history, no doubt. I am wondering why little or nothing is being said about his and Breitbart’s exposure of that convicted felon who wrote Obama’s Manifesto from prison. That is some serious ….., and no one is even noticing.

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