Mann’s Hockey Stick Finally Proven

7 12 2009

The truth is no longer an important part of the human condition. From now on we humans should follow the lead of Scientists from around the globe and simply BULLSHIT our way through life. Am I mad? Hell yes I’m mad! Am I going to lie to you? I’ve been accused by the left of not being human, so NO I will not lie to you!

Here’s the real Mann Hockey Stick proven to work all around the world…

This ingenious graph is by the brilliant bkeyser!

What’s happening today in Copenhagen is an absolute scam in itself. Check this out…

Ok, so you may be wondering why I added this graph about greenhouse gas emissions, or more to the point CO2. Somebody please tell me what this graph has to do with what the Ecofascists in Copenhagen want the world to do. Let me dispense with my smart-ass way of doing things and get to the point… Climate Scientists have proclaimed the earth is heating up. No problem so far only because the earth could warm up and it could cool down whenever the earth damn well wants to. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS. The problem happens when Climate Scientists also proclaim that it is CO2 that is causing the earth to warm up and since mankind produces a bunch of CO2 it is therefore our fault that the earth could be warming (or cooling, or whatever).

Here’s the problem… we now know the Climate Scientists have lide and manipulated the data about temperatures to make it look as if we are in crisis mode. Anotherwords, the Climate Scientists ARE BUSTED! There is NO reason to have this meet in Copenhagen if their focus is CO2 or the earths temperature. If they work on other problems related to pollution, great. If they try and tackle anything that has to do with Climate Change, then the whole conference is a world class scam.

This is true Fascism we a faced with and that’s why the term Ecofascist should be used whenever talking about these Climate Jokers!





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