Scientists Say Ignore Those Pesky Emails

5 12 2009

When I first saw this article I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed. Then I got down to about 5th paragraph and said outload to myself “figures”. What made me have that reaction? A dweeb that goes by the name of Gavin Schmidt. I’ve never met him but I did a couple of run-ins with him during the late summer of 2008. In fact, he’s the reason I started this blog.

Ok, so you want to know what’s up with Gavin right? Without going into a lot of details let me just say that he’s one of those people that goes through life and advances in the workplace via a well known tactic known as “BTWBS”, or “Baffle Them With Bull-Shit”. Seriously, if you are really up on every nuance concerning the science of supposed Global Warming and go to his site “Real Climate” (what a crock for a name) and start refuting some of his technical info, then sit back and wait for the rapidly unfolding of Gavin’s BTWBS.

As you may have guessed, these Scientists want us to only believe their original lies, not their corrected lies.


Hacked climate e-mail rebutted by scientists

A group of the nation’s top scientists defended research on global climate change Friday against what they called a politically motivated smear campaign designed to foster public doubt about irrefutable scientific facts.




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