Follow-up On Foiled Plane Hijack

5 12 2009

On December 1, I posted a blog “Another 9/11 Hijack Foiled?” about an incident on AirTran flight 297 on November 17th which might have been a dry run for a 9/11-like hijack. Since I posted it, that thread has had hundreds of hits. I also e-mailed it to friends and acquaintances, some of whom wonder if the account is a hoax.

Well, hoax or not, this story refuses to die but instead is gathering momentum.

We now know more about the incident. WorldNetDaily reports that:

  • The narrator of the incident is retired Navy diver Tedd (Theodore) Petruna of Houston; Petruna’s story was circulated by a friend named A. Gene Hackemack. WND attempted to contact Petruna via e-mail but received an automated response explaining he “almost got fired from his job” over his report of the incident and has received thousands of e-mails.
  • AirTran has rebutted Petruna’s written account point by point, as well as denied that Petruna was even on the flight.
  • Yet questions remain, such as why was the flight crew changed after a supposedly minor disturbance and why several passengers were so distraught that they refused to continue on to their destination after the men involved were allowed to reboard the airplane.
  • Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, said a passenger on the flight contacted him two days after the incident. Hagmann published a report of his group’s investigation, which concluded that the media, the airline and government agencies have not reported the truth: “The reasons, I have been told, is fear of predatory lawsuits, negative publicity from accusations of religious profiling, and the obligatory subjugation to mindless mandatory Muslim sensitivity training that make a mockery of our American system of values.”
  • KHOU in Houston has confirmed Chaplain Keith Robinson’s account. Robinson was not a passenger on the original flight but got on after the airplane returned to the gate. “Flight attendants were sobbing openly,” Robinson told the station. He had been warned by a passenger getting off not to board. “He said, ‘I just saw them, there were these Middle Eastern men. They were taking pictures. They wouldn’t sit down,'” Robinson said. “Besides that, he said a couple of them were making gestures with their hand as if they were shooting people.”
  • KHOU reports the Federal Aviation Administration has begun investigating.

I read the Northeast Intelligence Network (NIN) report on this incident. NIN interviewed a total of seven-(7) individuals directly involved in this incident, including two law enforcement officers who handled the after action reports. NIN concluded that:

“the situation pertaining to the initial 13 and remaining 10 or 11 Muslim men allowed to continue their travels was far greater than an incident involving the unauthorized use of a cell phone that resulted in a minor flight delay, as reported by the mainstream media. According to one airline security official, ‘This was a deliberate, well planned attempt to disrupt a domestic flight that was organized in advance of the boarding of these [Muslim] passengers. The purpose of their actions appeared to be multi-faceted, not the least of which was an attempt to change their status from innocuous passengers to victims of religious profiling. The situation was handled in a manner that we believe might have avoided an incident like USAir had in 2006, where everyone from the passengers who reported suspicious behavior to the airline was subjected to legal action by the Muslim passengers.’”





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5 12 2009

This stinks so bad of Federal PC controling a situation and totally reminds me of the ‘1984 Big Brother is watching’ syndrome from anyone that ever read the book. But the danger they put us in by acting this way is unforgivable. This will lead to a lot of people being murdered in cold blood.

Please don’t mis-understand me, this is not something I wish for, it’s just what I think is a reality. If we lived in a pacifist world, I could easily be a pacifist. The problem is… we live in a violent world, and all the PC in the world isn’t go to change that.


9 12 2009

Giovanni, the email has been thoroughly debunked as a hoax and the person who made up the story wasn’t even on the plane.

If you wish to keep believing the email as true or partially true then it is your prerogative and you have every right to do so.

However, please don’t become so paranoid that you do something so ridiculous as this:

ST.Petersburg Times Nov 11, 2009:
Tampa police: Marine reservist attacked Greek priest he mistook for terrorist.

9 12 2009

Thoroughly debunked by whom? Guess this guy is in on the hoax as well…

9 12 2009


Wow, the FAA is investigating this and hasn’t yet issued its report but YOU already know the story’s been debunked! Quick, let’s just dismantle the FAA because YOU already have the truth!

And what does the Tampa Bay story have to do with Flight 297? Or is your unique mind prone to non sequiturs?

9 12 2009

Was this guy part of the hoax?

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