Climate Scientist Calls Skeptic A-Hole

5 12 2009

Foul-mouth Professor Andrew Watson

The Left just can’t suppress its penchant of calling people who disagree with them “Asshole.” That’s what former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones called Republicans and conservatives

Now, an AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) proponent, Professor Andrew Watson of the disgraced University of East Anglia, has also stooped that low. On a televised interview, Watson called AGW skeptic Marc Morano an “asshole.” (It’s at the end of the youtube video below.)

Real scientists who are confident about their data and their “theory” don’t get rattled, lose their cool, and resort to name-calling!





2 responses

5 12 2009
Cec Moon

When you have staked your reputation on an unprovable false premise and someone shakes the spindly table your house of cards was built on, it would make just about anyone a little cranky. What this “genius” doesn’t realize is that his little emotional tantrum simply underlines the accusations of faulty science in his conclusions. In a typical liberal response he resorts to the ever popular ad hominem attack.

It has nothing to do with climate change and it never has. It was, from the gitgo, about control of people and resources. Thank you tenure for your role in the destruction of the world as we know and love it.

5 12 2009

I believe the only logical move for me at this point is to publicly announce to the world that the Dear Professor IS AN ASSHOLE!

And before anyone thinks I’m simply playing tit-for-tat, hear me out…

Comrade Watson made one giant ASSHOLE of a statement in that short interview, and I quote “there is nothing wrong with the science”. That has got to be the biggest lie in the history of science and the Prof. should be ashamed of himself for stating so. Let’s pick something at random… billions of people on this planet depend on satellites, but our military depends on them for a lot more than people imagine. Let’s say that the scientists that developed the programs for satellites decided that satellites were bad for the earth. Any crazy reason will do for this exercise. A squad of soldiers from the 10th mountian division have sighted hundreds of top level terrorists in and around a large abandoned village. They call in a massive airstrike because they have been watching the village for almost 2 days and have seen no signs of women or children, and they have positive ID’s on at least 14 of the assembled terrorists. Thirty five minutes later they hear bombers and all manner of killer airships (it seems everyone wants to be in on this one) fly directly over their hidden positions high on a mountain ridge. Suddenly the world seems to be transformed into a living hell. The men in the squad are screaming at each other but the noise coming up from the valley below makes it impossible to hear anything. They all seem to be screaming at the communications guy, but he’s too busy trying to reach command or the pilots. He keeps trying and trying but his satellite radio refuses to work. The men just freeze on the ridge and watch the terror unfold below.

Remember those scientists that thought that satellites were bad for the earth? Well, it turns out that they FUDGED some of the numbers in the program for all communication satellites so on a chosen date and time all satellites would go haywire. Well, it was the day that Mountian Division squad called in that airstrike that sent all that killing power into the valley on the OTHER side of the mountain they were perched on. Wiping out a large village of some 1,800 women and children. The wrong village!

This is just one made-up, but very real scenario. FUDGING numbers by scientists could cause incredible damage to our planet, but our modern day scientists brush it all off as a simple little “ooopsie”. To enhance this story, let’s also pretend that all air traffic around the world suddenly goes down at the same time for the same reason, ooopsie, my-bad.

This ASSHOLE of a scientist should have his ass kicked for ignoring reality.


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