Climate Science Is A Joke

5 12 2009

This is what's commonly known as international extortion. If not for the hacked emails of the 'faked' science, the USA would be in a world court being sued for Billions because we supposedly caused Global Warming. If Obama signs anything that takes money from the USA and gives it to other nations on the basis of falsified data, he then needs to face impeachment immediately!

Whenever I need a break from the daily grind of reading the sad and gory details of the Marxist onslaught, I check-in on the second biggest joke on the internet, the Huffington Post. In case you are wondering, the Daily KOS takes the number one spot for sheer insanity and hatred for the truth. They give new meaning to the term “Scum-sucking Marxist/Liberal/Progressive Bastards”.

Anyway, this post is about the Marxist bastards in the number two spot, the HuffPo. Within moments of being on that blog I found this nugget that made me laugh the very second I laid my eys on it. How desperate do you have to be to suddenly come out and say… “well it may have been cooler last year but that should be ignored because we know better than anyone else on earth and we say it actually was a lot hotter”, or some such BS. I guaran-damn-tee that the ONLY reason they suddenly changed their tune is to look reasonable on the eve of the BIG COPENHAGEN MEETING WHERE THE CHOSEN ONE OBAMA WILL PROCLAIM CLIMATE CHANGE MUST BE STOPPED! 

The real surprise about this report… for a report that is so darn important, it sure does seem odd that it’s only four paragraphs long.

As usual, enjoy!


Study: Slowdown In Warming Last Year Not Permanent

WASHINGTON — Climate researchers say cooler temperatures in North America last year do not mean global warming is easing.

Their report comes just days before President Barack Obama goes to Copenhagen, Denmark, to speak at a United Nations conference on climate change.

Rising temperatures over decades have prompted scientific concern, and the last decade has been the hottest in thousands of years, according to climate records. However, the warming eased a bit last year over North America, and groups seeking to deny climate change seized on that in an effort to challenge the idea of overall warming.

North America wasn’t as warm as expected because of cooler water in the North Pacific, but the rest of the world continued to warm, the university and government researchers said Friday.




4 responses

5 12 2009

This ain’t no report…it’s propaganda, just like everything else at this BS web site.

You watch, The Traitor is going to sell America’s soul…he can’t sell his own because he doesn’t have one!

6 12 2009

Media collusion is so obvious in support of the Scientific-Scam-of-the-Century (also known as AGW) just by the shear number of articles and televised news pieces popping up in the week before the SSotC Conference. Most ignore the ClimateGate scandal, and most are puff pieces that make Nostradamus look like a realist. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be comical.

6 12 2009

Can we all say Enron, Bernie Madeoff???

6 12 2009

If sourpuss sells us to the U.N…………..that’s my line in the sand. I will not answer to the U.N……….nuff said…………dog

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