4 12 2009

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Climate campaigner” manmade global warming fraud and profiteer Al Gore has canceled a lecture he was supposed to deliver on Dec. 16 in Copenhagen.

More than 3,000 people purchased tickets for the lecture. Tickets ranged in price from DKK 199 ($40) to DKK 1,499 ($302), depending on one’s seating in the room. For a chance to shake hands with Gore, get a copy of his latest book propaganda, Our Choice, and have your picture taken with him, there’s the VIP ticket, which cost DKK 5,999 ($1,209!). In case you think $1,209 is a lot to shell out to shake hands with the “Inventor of the Internet,” the VIP tic does include drinks and a light snack.

Gore canceled the lecture yesterday, citing “unforeseen changes” in his schedule. One guess as to what Gore meant by those “unforeseen changes”! Climategate, anyone? Ha ha ha….

This morning comes news that Roger Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both members of Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, are asking the Academy to rescind the Oscar it awarded Gore two years ago for the global warming documentary fiction “An Inconvenient Truth.” The 2007 golden Oscar statuette helped elevate Gore’s profile to win the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as enriched his earnings by $100,000 per 85-minute appearance. (See Simon and Chetwynd about their demand in this video.)

This can’t happen to a better man. LOL





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4 12 2009

Eo- did you happen to read this? Somehow, they forgot to ask Big Al about this little nuisance, called Climategate, or something… They also didn’t mention anything about his cancellation. The comment section is hilarious.

4 12 2009


It’s amazing that throughout the interview, neither Politico nor Gore mentioned Climategate. Gore has his reasons, but what’s Politico’s excuse?

I really like one of the comments referring to Gore as a “whale” who’s as much of a scammer as Bernie Madoff. LOL

4 12 2009

Will they recall his unearned Nobel Peace Prize too?

4 12 2009

Only when they rescind the one they’re giving Obama! – which O will pick up while he’s there in Copenhagen next week.

So much for the Nobel Peace Prize. If I were Aung San Suu Kyi (1991) or Eli Wiesel (1986) or Lech Walesa (1983), I’d return my Peace Prize and say “Thanks, but no thanks!”

But then, what can one say about a “Peace Prize” that’s also been given to the likes of Jimmy Carter (2002) and Yassar Arafat (1994)?

4 12 2009

When they gave the prize to Yessir Yourafart, that’s when I knew the Nobel was crap. Who in their right mind gives a Peace Prize to a TERRORIST?


4 12 2009

yessir yourafart…that’s hilarious!

4 12 2009
The Angry White Woman

I think it was supposed to be piece prize, as in piece of shit.

4 12 2009

I knew this whole AGW crap was going to collapse one day I just did not think it was going to be this soon. Oh well, early Christmas for all! 🙂

5 12 2009

Will.don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…………

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