Why Obama Is a Poor CIC

3 12 2009

What’s the difference between Obama and our troops? This pic says it all!


A U.S. Army cadet reads a book entitled "Kill Bin Laden" as he waits with other cadets for U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver an address on U.S. policy and the war in Afghanistan at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York December 1, 2009.




5 responses

3 12 2009
Donald Borsch Jr.


I hope this photo gets around. It really does say it all.

Long Live the Republic.

3 12 2009


Welcome to Giovanni’s World! I just checked out your blog. Great blog!

…and THANK YOU for including Giovanni’s World among your recommended blogs to visit 😉

God bless America

3 12 2009
The Angry White Woman

The pic of the Cadet reading “KILL bin…” helped get rid of that vomit taste I got in my mouth after seeing the obama/matthews love clutch. Gio, never, ever, EVER do that again! Anyways, ol’ Chrissy needs to keep his(?) traitorous(is that a word?) beak shut ’cause the shit he has for brains seeps out a little bit every time he opens his purty lil mouth.

3 12 2009

AWW…………You have certainly brought some fire and brimstone with ya….I never had a Chance to officially welcome ya, and to tell ya I like the way you think…LOL..I think we’d get along well…….LOL… 😉
And welcome Donald Also…………Steve

3 12 2009

Ahh, shucks man…thanks.

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