Inspiration From Pikes Peak

3 12 2009

I need to do more than just a h/t for this one. This deserves thanks and gratitude, so please thank Littlemissmuffin for this link.

Our heritage is one to be very proud of, and we have proof. Simply click here.






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3 12 2009

Thanks! After a very long day at work, this brought a tear to my eyes. And YES – I’m willing to fight!

3 12 2009

I’ve been to the top and let me tell you it is one scary ride.He says there’s hardly no guard rails…..I don’t remember any. It’s nothing but switchbacks the whole way up to 14,000 ft. Yo look out the window and swear your gonna go over the side………straight down………LOL. Do you know every yr they have a race up the mountain and these nuts do like 70-80…..been going on for like 60 years.only 3-4 people ever went over…………oops. It’s funny also because when you start on the bottom it’s like 80 degree’s, by the time you get to top it’s 25 and 2 feet of snow……… that’s what I call”Climate Change”…………dog

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