Open Letter To Chris Matthews

2 12 2009

First read the info below, then my letter…

“MSNBC host Chris Matthews wishes he could have phrased his point about President Obama’s speech at West Point last night a little better after he referred to the venerated military academy as an “enemy camp.” Matthews was saying that Obama was not getting the warmest of receptions from the cadets in the audience, and that his decision to make this speech at West Point was “interesting” because Obama “went to maybe the enemy camp tonight.”


To Chris Matthews,

First let me say that I’m thankful I did not watch or hear about your statement last night, I may have been tempted to track you down, spit in your face, and then present you to West Point so you could personally apologize to every single person you insulted.

You are a piece of Camel Dung and I do not mean to insult Camels. If not for West Point training our Military leaders we may have had a Military something like what Haiti has. As it turns out, West Point is one of the finest Military Schools on earth. And it is because of them that you are allowed the freedom of saying what you want on MSNBC (a real enemy camp) every night during the week.

I have many more thoughts about you and your hatred for our country, but I’m close to using nothing but 4 letter words.

We can only hope and pray that you need the military someday, and the military personally comes to your house to deliver a message with one finger on one hand!

Giovanni Faga




5 responses

2 12 2009

.Well said, Gio! Since you were restrained, I’ll say it:

Chris Matthews, you’re a pervert (“listening to Obama, I feel chills running up my leg”) and a piece of human fecal matter.

Love the pic, Gio! Chris, the femme. LOL

2 12 2009


I seriously hope this costs him his job!

But seeing how he works for MSNBC, I’m not holding my breath.


2 12 2009
Cec Moon

Loved the pic.

Loved the comments Gio.

In the interest of diversity the other night I made an attempt to actually watch, and worse, listen to Matthews. I only lasted short of two minutes. It is an agonizing experience to have his face on the TV. Trying to get any message from his garbled syntax is even harder. Since we have only one working TV I shall not repeat the trial because I would wind up throwing a hammer through the screen.

In conclusion, it clears up any misunderstanding of the phrase “butt boy.”

2 12 2009

Not that there’s any thing wrong with that………….LOL…. 😉
Old Seinfield episode

2 12 2009

As I noted elsewhere today, if Chris Matthews had been a soldier, he would have made Gomer Pyle look like Rambo.


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