2 12 2009

H/T goes out once again to FS for this inspiring piece.

Click on the Spider Web photo below.

Make sure your speakers are on. Enjoy…

Thousands of spiders from twelve species worked together to construct this amazing web that spans over 600 feet. This is highly unusual behavior for spiders that normally fight over territory and prey, preferring to eat their enemies and build independent, solitary circular webs. However, record rainfalls provided such an abundance of edible insects that (scientists speculate) the spiders chose cooperation over conflict in this extraordinary case of evolutionary adaptation. Even more exceptional: the spiders did not just build it in the first place but have actually rebuilt the web three times after wind and rain has destroyed it.




4 responses

2 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Why in the world can’t we act like this, at least once in a while. That is somethig to see!

2 12 2009


Good point!

Did you click on the picture?


2 12 2009
The Angry White Woman

Because, Mrs. Doc, we would have a mile long roster of construction unions and other corrupt labor organizations impeding a seemingly peaceful co-op and in no time we’d be devouring one another per their cannibalistic, AFL-CIO agenda. Okay, I just read what I wrote. Am I really this jaded?

2 12 2009

That is inspiring, Gio! Thanx

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