Australia Climate Bill Fails!

2 12 2009

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Thus far, the scientific scandal of the century that is Climategate has had a political impact only in Australia where:
  • 5-7 parliamentary members of the opposition Liberal Party quit in protest against their leader, Malcolm Turnbull’s pro-AGW stance; which then led to
  • The Liberal Party replacing Turnbull with an AGW skeptic, Tony Abbott; which then led to
  • The Senate’s rejection of Australia’s version of our Cap ‘n Trade bill, called the Emissions Trading Scheme.
Once again, I ask this question:

Australia’s Senate has rejected a bill on the government’s flagship climate change policy for a second time.

Two opposition senators crossed the floor but it was not enough to secure passage of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to reduce greenhouse gases. The vote came a day after the opposition Liberal Party ousted leader Malcolm Turnbull, who had promised to back the bill.

Deputy PM Julia Gillard said the bill would be resubmitted next year.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had hoped to have the legislation passed by next week’s Copenhagen summit on climate change. He had secured opposition backing from Mr Turnbull, but his party revolted and replaced him with Tony Abbott on Tuesday. The Liberals went on to oppose the bill and it was voted down by 41 votes to 33 in the Senate.

Mr Abbot said on Wednesday that it would be premature for Australia to adopt a carbon trading scheme before the rest of the world.

Analysts had suggested Mr Rudd could use the rejection of the bill as a legal trigger for a snap election – after which the bill could be passed at a special joint session of parliament.

But Ms Gillard – who is standing in for Mr Rudd while he is overseas – said that the government would resubmit the legislation to parliament early next year. “We will come to parliament again, we will seek passage of the bill,” she told journalists. “All options are on the table as to what happens next.” She said that she hoped the break would give “calmer heads” within the Liberal Party time to reconsider.

The ETS is part of a package aimed at reducing Australia’s carbon emissions by up to 25% below 2000 levels by 2020. Australia has the highest per-capita carbon emissions among developed nations and coal is its biggest export. But some lawmakers question the scientific case for global warming and say that the ETS will damage Australia’s economy.




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2 12 2009

I salute our Australian brothers for voting for common sense, not Science Fiction.


2 12 2009

I posted this over at NB on this same topic.

(Sorry, but I am no-longer feeling immortal, and time is now very important to me, so re-typing essentially the same thing multiple times just don’t cut it).

ClimateGate will change exactly nothing.

Okay, one day down the road, it may swing the bulk of public opinion against the idea of man-made climate change, but it isn’t going to matter, as this farce has never been about the climate, the environment, or anything related to either.

It’s all about controlling our lives right down to the minutest detail.

The far-left communists now running things in Washington are still going to pass a hideous bill of some description or other. Sure, they may alter the public perception by calling it something like The Energy Conservation Act of 2010, or some other harmless sounding title.

But, at the end of the day, the government is going to ultimately gain control of your thermostat, energy prices will still be going way up, the pointy-headed inspectors will still be fanning out all over America to invade and inspect our domiciles, and if the government decides you are using more energy and water than they think you should be, you are still going to get either a big, fat surcharge in your energy bills, or cut-off, or both.

ClimateGate will have no appreciable effect on the takeover plans of the far-left.


3 12 2009


I pray that you are wrong!


3 12 2009

I fear you may be correct…with the LSM fully behind them, they will push their agenda forward. They aren’t interested in any darn facts, only their agendas…

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