Who’s Next Under The Bus?

1 12 2009

Who’s next to be thrown under the Bus is an excellent question! My personal follow-up question would be… how long until we run out of Busses?



Who’s Next Under The Bus?

By Dan Scott

Since the Climategate story has been broken over a week ago, we have begun to see the cracks in the AGW edifice. George Monbiot, an AGW proponent has called for the resignation of Phil Jones from the IPCC. Source

The emails implicated Phil Jones, Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf in a scheme to rig the Peer Review process to only allow pro-AGW papers through while banning anything remotely unfavorable regardless of any inconvenient facts. Both Messrs. Monbiot’s and  Zorita’s  desire to toss the high profile offenders under the bus are purely self serving, since the sacrifice of Jones, Mann and Rahmstorf is merely a means to claim isolated individual overzealousness in an attempt to distract the public from the real issue regarding the wholesale scientific fraud of AGW.

We have corroborating proof regarding the rigged Peer Review process from the  personal account  of Vincent Gray, PhD. His experience shows any paper with unfriendly AGW leanings were sent to file 13. It should be noted that another famous hurricane researcher by the same last name, Professor William Gray lost his funding for Hurricane research because of his stance against AGW. There is no denying the obvious when it comes to being politically incorrect regarding AGW. Science was supposed to be a debate of theories, not the suppression of facts to support the theory de jur.

However, it looks like the dam has finally broken on this issue, now scientists with suspicions, inside information and doubts about AGW are beginning to come forward. Here’s the deal for you scientists who have any knowledge about scientific fraud or questionable unethical conduct, the last one to come forward will be held guilty of aiding and abetting a fraud. Once the government is faced with mounting evidence of widespread fraud, they will have no choice but to begin indicting those who took government grants (in the billions) under false pretenses – that’s called fraud. Your only hope of avoiding defending yourself against expensive litigation and being swept up in politician’s attempts to throw you under the bus to save themselves is to blow the whistle now.

President Obama has a long track record of distancing himself successfully from scandals by letting others take the fall. Didn’t you notice Governor Blagojevich take all the heat in the attempted sale of the Illinois Senate Seat?  Do you really believe he was oblivious to what was going on?  Past is prologue, Obama threw Rev. Wright under the bus, a man whom he admired for 20 years in order to become president, what makes you think he won’t throw you under the bus to save himself and his presidency? Take note of the lesson the bankers and brokers (major campaign contributors to Democrats) learned in the economic debacle, the politicians (Obama, Schumer, Frank, and Dodd) promptly threw their campaign contributors under the bus to save themselves.

The Obama Express Bus has a schedule to keep, get out of the street or you will find yourself promptly run over. The only way to avoid the inevitable trip to the emergency room is to speak up now before he claims innocence at your expense.




3 responses

1 12 2009

Obama will throw the fraudulent “greens” under the bus only if enough of a stink is made about the phony man-made global warming cabal.

So far, it’s only the UK press, a few climate scientists of conscience and integrity, and us bloggers — and we know we’re really scary, right? Boo.

Where is the GOP on this? Where are the Congressional Republican “leaders” other than Sen. Inhofe? Why aren’t they speaking out and raising a stink?

1 12 2009


Because they are Democrats!


1 12 2009

Obama’s bus appears to have a few holes in it, as our old friend Van Jones has apparently resurrected hisself:


As for Obama running away from ClimateGate, forget it, as Crap & Tax is the second pillar in Obama’s rapidly progressing coup, and the SCM is lining up to make sure the story evaporates faster than a puddle on the equator of Al Gore’s warmer planet.

Crap & Tax has already passed in the House, and might yet find its way through the Senate.

No way Obama will abandon it now. George Soros won’t permit it, especially with victory in sight.


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