Good News! Climategate Debris Plume

1 12 2009

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Remember that NASA bombing of the Moon in early October? – How people around the world watched the bombing live on TV but failed to see the predicted miles-high debris plume rising from the impact crater?

Well, the explosion that is Climategate is kind of similar. We didn’t immediately see the debris plume, but we’re beginning to see it now!

First comes news that Phil Jones is temporarily stepping down, pending an investigation into allegations that he and other climate scientists “overstated” the case for manmade or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Jones is  the director of University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU). It’s CRU’s e-mails and documents that were hacked by some very enterprising individual(s). Those e-mails indicate a pattern of unscientific unethical behavior on the part of Jones, et al — concealing evidence contrary to AGW, falsifying data, giving each other favorable reviews, and blackballing AGW skeptics from being published in “approved” journals.

Next comes news that another AGW proponent, Michael Mann, will be investigated by his employer, Pennsylvania State University. The university will appoint a panel who will read every piece of the hacked CRU e-mail to determine if climate change critics have any ground for their accusations.

Then comes news from Australia that the major opposition Liberal Party has dumped its leader, AGW believer Malcolm Turnbull, and replaced him with Tony Abbott, an AGW skeptic who last month called AGW “crap”. The party chose Abbott specifically because he was the only one of three contenders who promises to delay the Australian government’s emissions trading scheme.

It’s a red letter day — three pieces of good news in one day! There is hope….





5 responses

1 12 2009

Three down, and a whole bunch to go!

1 12 2009


Whoever hacked into the CRU and put this info out on the web should be thanked by every inhabitant of this planet. He/she is a hero to me!


1 12 2009

Lindsay Graham responds to query from American Thinker on Climategate:

What a WEASEL!!!

1 12 2009

Thanks, Muffin, for that link.

In other words, Graham didn’t take a stance on Climategate at all. Once a RINO, always a RINO.

1 12 2009

I think he’s stuck in a time warp in 1962. Cuban Missile Crisis.
He’s using the Duck and Cover move: Ducking the question and Covering his you-know-what.

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