Win The War!

30 11 2009

Incredible! A politician actually comes up with a novel idea. This is what used to be called “common sense” but is now called “P-A-R-T-Y”.


Senator Proposes Delaying Health Care Reform to Pay for Afghanistan War

FoxNews 11-29-09

The Afghanistan war could be as much about dollars as sense for several U.S. lawmakers, including one top Republican who says national security is worth delaying health care reforms so Congress can pay for military operations.





3 responses

30 11 2009

Good man Lugar! I hope he fights for this!

FYI…I received a thank you from a soldier in “The Stan” that my church group sent a care package to. “My guys and I greatly appreciate everything you sent. It sure did raise everybody’s morale, and morale is what we all need right now.”

Hear that Mr. Traitor – MORALE is what they need right NOW…and some leadership would help…

30 11 2009


Something tells me that his little speech on Tuesday will sink morale further. Oh sure, Obama will say all the right words but he won’t mean any of it. The one exception… his exit strategy. How much you wanna bet that the French have a whole archive of “Exit Strategy” plans on hand, and they let Obama pick out the one he liked best?!

BTW… Exit strategy is code for run-away!


30 11 2009

I hear you Gio…I pray for our soldiers every day with this empty-suit CIC. How I miss Bush/Cheney….and I’m sure our soldiers do as well!

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