Obama’s Monumental, Game Changing, Afghan Speech

30 11 2009

Anyone think I went a little over-board with the headline? 😉 

Maybe it will get funnier when he announces that the British are sending an additional 500 soldiers. Wow, 500 more cooks and mechanics should end the war within a few days of their arrival!

The very first paragraph is one of those classic “No Shit Sherlock” moments. I have a young teenage granddaughter that could have written that paragraph, when she was seven!


Analysts: Obama’s Afghanistan speech crucial

CNN International – ‎1 hour ago‎ (CNN) — US President Barack Obama has waited too long to address the instability in Afghanistan, putting at risk the efforts to stabilize the troubled country, a pair of authors said Monday.

Complete story here.




4 responses

30 11 2009

You’ve got to tell the story beautifully, truthfully, honestly and bravely. You could do that.”

HA HA HA…there’s three words in the first sentence that The Traitor will need a dictionary to understand!

30 11 2009

I was going to say you left out the word “Unprecedented” in the headline but then it occurred to me that that wouldn’t be true- LBJ already used this plan.

1 12 2009


Yeah, and we all know how well that urned out.


1 12 2009

It’s like our Dear Leader said, victory is not what we are really after in Afghanistan.

That only leaves stalemate (as in Korea), surrender, quitting (as in Vietnam) or defeat.

Damn, the stoopid sheeple sure did screw the pooch last November, didn’t they?


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