Listen Up Obama

30 11 2009

H/T goes out to FS for passing this letter on to me. This is one mans opinion, which I happen to agree with, so I did NOT do any checking on this piece. The main reason why may surprise you… This is something I wish I had written!


Harsh words from an Army 73rd Tank Battalion soldier.
Call it what it is – “Terrorism”!!!
In my Opinion:

 Let’s just cut through the Bullshit and quite being so “politically correct”. The Fort Hood shooting is an act of “TERRORISM”. Another “MUSLIM” attacked us on our own soil!!! He’s not the “alleged” shooter, but, “THE SHOOTER” !!! The asshole was shot by the “FEMALE POLICE OFFICER”, not the ‘alleged’ police officer!!! He was shooting at unarmed soldiers with two hand guns as he was shot!!!
The “shooter” was a pajama wearing, slipper wearing, camel jockey that shot our brave UNARMED soldiers at their home!!! Sorry no virgins for him … just bubba!!!
All the media are trying to spin it to show that the shooter gets the sympathy because of his job!!! So I guess PTSD is like the flu, and gives off germs, and can be pasted to others. This coward has never been in any of the theaters of operation. The only combat zone he’s been in was in northwest DC, or trying to get to “M street” in Georgetown .

From ABC to FOX… all want to be so politically correct… Call him what he is, a “TERRORIST”!!!

He should be held in GTMO or at the Navy Brig in Charleston , SC. They handle TERRORISTS!!!

Even the “White House” is no different. It will not address the shooting as the main topic opening into a press meeting. The “President” is too damn worried about his bullshit health care disaster before addressing the massacre/terrorist attack by one of his “Alah” loving “Muslim Terrorist”!!!

Apparently the FBI had this guy under surveillance for months… for talk of ‘terrorist type’ blogs… Why the hell wasn’t he picked up??? Or would it have been against the ‘politically correct’ administration. Or hurt some “Muslims” feelings. MSNBC is spinning this saying that he was “so alone” and “had no friends”… Who gives a shit!!! HE’S A TERRORIST!!! On a final note… The President can take his wife to New York on a date, travel to all the “Muslim” countries, go to Canada, fly over to Copenhagen for the Olympics (for four hours), get a Noble Peace Prize (for nothing), fly to Dover for a photo shot, BUT… can’t fly to Fort Hood to console the Fort Hood community, until almost all talk radio put him on the spot.

 BUT …Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura secretly visited Fort Hood last night (6 Nov 09) and spent “considerable time” consoling those who were wounded in Thursday’s shooting spree. Now THAT’S a class act!!!

 You didn’t see that on the main stream media!!! Did ya?
Member of 73rd Tank Battalion
The original point and click interface was a Smith & Wesson.





5 responses

30 11 2009

“The asshole was shot by the “FEMALE POLICE OFFICER”, not the ‘alleged’ police officer!!! He was shooting at unarmed soldiers “
That’s the best part…..we actualy have regular POLICE officers guarding our troops. Every other nation has soldiers…..Soldiers have GUNS they give soldiers BULLITS …..They don ‘t need no stinking police officers……..Nothing against the police….ya get my point……..And Damn That Women cop took 4 rounds as I understand it and still brought the muslim TERRORIST Down

30 11 2009


I for one don’t understand why the Female Police Officer doesn’t have her picture in every newspaper around the country. This brave woman is a HERO! There is no arguing, unless your a liberal, that this woman should be celebrated by one and all, yet how many times have you seen a picture of her? How many notices have you heard on TV or Radio where you can donate to her family for her childrens education, etc.

My point is… not only has the Obama admin been successful at hushing the idea that this was a terrosrist attack, but the subject of the HERO has also been shut-down. What an insane world we are living in.


30 11 2009

We live in a friggin upside down world that’s for sure…Officer Munley is a Hero. If Bush was in office she would have been invited to the WH.

Friggin liberals are so concerned with the feelings of these fn terrorists and making sure they don’t offend any one…course the stupid libs in Seattle are trying to blame the Lakewood killers’ actions on the fact that he was able to get a gun…screw them. I’m sick of the PC BS!!!

Sorry for the rant, I’m in a foul mood this afternoon…

30 11 2009

Go ahead and rant and say “friggin” if it helps. You’re among friends!

Hang in there, Deb. Stay strong. Hugs….

30 11 2009

Ranting is good. At least when it’s done by one of us.


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