Info Update

30 11 2009

Just received about 20 minutes ago. Please read and consider carefully what’s covered in this email. These are the same people that sponsored the ‘Conservative Activist’ training I attended here in Asheville recently.



Dear Giovanni,

In 9 days President Barack Obama will go to Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  No doubt, the President intends to commit the United States to an energy rationing scheme that makes the U.S. accountable to U.N. bureaucrats, kills jobs here, dramatically raises the price of gasoline and electricity, and infringes on our personal and national freedoms — all in the name of a radical global warming ideology that is called into question more and more each day.

As part of our ongoing “Cost of Hot Air” effort, Americans for Prosperity is going to Copenhagen on the same day as the President to make sure that our side of the story is told.

On December 9, AFP will hold a live event from Copenhagen that will broadcast simultaneously at local AFP events across the nation and live at We’ll detail the hypocrisy of the U.N. Climate Change Conference and give you the opportunity to send your elected officials a crystal clear message: don’t you dare use this U.N. Conference to turn over our nation’s energy policy to some international body that could care less about American prosperity. 

Phil Kerpen and I will be in Copenhagen hosting an event with Lord Monckton (click here to join the 3.5 million people who have seen his video detailing how our nation could be threatened by international climate agreements) and other European free-market leaders who will detail the hypocrisy of this U.N. conference and explain how cap-and-trade has killed jobs and raised energy prices in their nations.

The anchor event in the United States will be held in Philadelphia at noon that day with AFP’s own Steven Lonegan hosting and special guest speaker Steve Moore (FOX News contributor and Wall Street Journal editorial board writer).   We’ll have more details about these events — and how you can attend — within the next few days.

I’m asking you to take 3 steps.

First, let us know you will consider attending one of the FREE “Cost of Hot Air” events near you on December 9, where we’ll have the Copenhagen event running live along with local speakers.  CLICK HERE 

Second, if you cannot attend one of the events, view it live at our website or better yet, hold your own get-together for family and friends.  CLICK HERE to do this. 

Third, please consider sending this email invitation on to your family and friends by CLICKING here.  We need to make sure the politicians in Washington know that Americans are closely watching the cap-and-trade issue and that the U.N. Conference in Copenhagen changes absolutely nothing.




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