Health Care Fraud

30 11 2009

Today, the Senate is back doing its mischief — resuming its consideration of the Senate version of health care reform government-takeover-of-one-sixth-of-the-US-economy.

So, we — conservative patriots — must also go back to the salt mines by resuming our war of resistance.

There are TWO things you need to know about the Senate heathcare bill:

One, the bill will not prevent illegal immigrants from receiving health care coverage from their employers, despite Obama’s explicit pledge that illegal immigrants would not benefit.

Washington Times reports that this is because neither the Senate nor the House bill screens out illegal immigrants, who usually obtain jobs by using false identities and are indistinguishable from legal workers. A rough estimate by the Center for Immigration Studies suggests that the practical effect of the healthcare bill would be that about 1 million illegal immigrants could obtain health insurance coverage through their employers.

Two, don’t believe what you are told about the costs of health care “reform.” Heritage Foundation has a report warning that the true costs are unknown. Whatever you are told about the costs depends on budget gimmicks and unrealistic assumptions. The truth is the bill contains four budget tricks:

  1. It excludes the costly $200+ billion “doctor fix”;
  2. It manipulates the CLASS Act, a new government health care program for long-term health insurance that will eventually lead to net outlays when benefits exceed premiums;
  3. It delays paying out costly benefits, like subsidies, until the last 6 years (which means that what we are now told is not a full cost estimate);
  4. The bill depends on using cuts to Medicare to pay for its $1.2 trillion coverage, but these cuts to Medicare not only are uncertain, they will negatively affect millions of seniors now on Medicare.





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