Green Sheep?

29 11 2009

In the name of reducing carbon emissions, the crazy Aussies down under are trying to breed “green” sheep that burp and flatulate less. Imagine how much “carbon emission” is “emitted” by this guy (see below). That’ll sure get the Greens’ knickers all in a knot! LOL

Pic taken by an American Airline flight attendant to illustrate problem with obese passengers

[Go HERE for the news article on the photo.]




Australian scientists have said they are hoping to breed sheep that burp less as part of efforts to tackle climate change.

The scientists have been trying to identify a genetic link that causes some sheep to belch less than others.

Burping is a far greater cause of emissions in sheep than flatulence, they say.

About 16% of Australia’s greenhouse emissions come from agriculture, says the department of climate change.

Australia’s Sheep Cooperative Research Council says 66% of agricultural emissions are released as methane from the gut of livestock.

“Ninety per cent of the methane that sheep and cattle and goats produce comes from the rumen, and that’s burped out,” John Goopy from the New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment told ABC.

“Not much goes behind – that’s horses.”

The scientists in New South Wales have been conducting experiments in specially designed pens where they measure how much gas sheep emit by burping.

They have found, from tests on 200 sheep so far, that the more they eat, the more they belch.

But even taking that into account, there appear to be “significant differences” between individual animals, Mr Goopy said.

The scientists’ goal in the long term is to breed sheep that produce less methane, which produces many times more global warming than carbon dioxide.

“We’re looking for natural variations so we’ll steer the population that way, ” said Roger Hegarty, from the Sheep Cooperative Research Council.




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29 11 2009
Cec Moon

Somehow the juxtaposition of the current lead articles is very unsettling. As a devotee of all news, four slain police officers in a cowardly attack and sheep burping in Australia are difficult to relate. On the one hand a serious tragedy and heinous action; on the other, a trivial exercise in a useless cause. One can only question priorities. God, save us from both.

29 11 2009


The “juxtaposition” was wholely unintentional. I saw the “green sheep” article first before seeing the slain officers news on Drudge.

29 11 2009
Cec Moon


No criticism of editing was intended. My apologies for not writing more clearly.

The distress is caused by the reprehensible actions of the murderer and the morons pursuing the burping sheep. The fact of their proximity simply underlines how we have become callous to tolerate news as it develops in the world we live in. Each story is worthy of our contempt and should be subject to our condemnation.

Even though the sheep story seems harmless; it is not. The folks who are anxious over the source of dangerous gas (methane) would, if they could, prohibit the use of animal products all together. The total destruction of animal husbandry as a vocation is their goal even though not always publicly proclaimed. In so doing they would destroy farm businesses world wide and send most farmers into bankruptcy with its attendant problems.

Again, sorry to be misunderstood.

30 11 2009

Thanks for the clarification, Cec. I appreciate it, as well as your unfailingly insightful and impassioned comments. 😉

You know I share every one of your moral sentiments…

29 11 2009

Cec, the slayings took place south of my town. All over the news right now…praying they catch the SOB very soon.

Very sad day…

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