What The Heck?

28 11 2009

Somebody please tell me that even the UN CHIEF has heard the allegations and has taken at least 30 minutes to investigate the charges that Climate Change data has been FAKED! The headline and the first sentence is all I could stand to re-print, mainly because they say it all.

How can anyone “seal a deal” on something that does NOT exist?


P.S.  I think I know how to solve one problem. At a minimum, we get one million of us to meet in NYC on an agreed upon date and time. We march to the United Nations Building. We take the building over. We then start at the very top and take the building apart one brick, and one steel beam at a time. When we have an un-repairable pile of debris we hand the UN CHIEF an eviction notice!

UN chief urges leaders to ‘seal deal’ on climate change

BBC News – ‎12:00 AM EST

The United Nations chief has urged world leaders to “seal a deal” on climate change when they meet in Copenhagen next week.




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28 11 2009

I think with the with the wheels coming off the bus………….he might be feeling a somewhat sense of urgency to get er done…………..LOL

28 11 2009

They want to “seal the deal” for global government, a totalitarian government that controls puny states like the US, and is controlled by international kleptocrats.

If they don’t hurry, forceful resistance will undo the ‘perfect storm’ of enablers.

28 11 2009
Cec Moon

“Seal the deal” from the US can only come with senate approval. We do not officially have a dictator—yet!!! Given the latest discreditation of the science involved, his haste is easily understood. I’d be willing to wager that right about now, “the one” is concerned more about how to get Cap & Trade past the upper house than the upcoming charade in Copenhagen.

28 11 2009

If and when, and I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure I mean when.They pass cap and crap ………there is only 1 option left in my opinion. Unless you want to answer to the U. N. then the line has been drawn in the sand. Either we sit on our butts and write on blogs………and write on blogs as our.oh say second amendment is taken….or you wanna wait for that,then we’ll get off our ass’s and say enough….or we could wait till first amendment and then we’ll take action………..I hope all the people that have been spouting and venting about their rights and the constitution are really prepared to defend Our God Given Rights
I can not and will not live in this type of Socialist satellite.
The tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from time to time with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants alike Thomas Jefferson

“No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against Tyranny in Government” Thomas Jefferson

Steve and his trained killer of a dog…………growllllllllllllllll…wooooofffff

28 11 2009

I read this the other day:

Sure you can have my guns……BULLETS FIRST.

Nuff said.

29 11 2009

Good one littlemiss…definitely bumper-sticker worthy!

29 11 2009

It’s as if they are pokinging us in the eye with a stick to see how long before we react…………I think they will be sorry when we poke back…………Again “Alice in Wonderland “time………Um…like ya said Gio, have they not even heard of the emails? They have. I’ve googled a lot of stories on it and believe it or not there is a deniability spin to it. They are saying they faked nothing and thats just the vernacular of scientists………..I’ve found 10 diff stories all defendeing and shifting blame to us flat earthers………………un..friggen..believable
Huffpo has the best………..and you knew it would…………..LOL

29 11 2009

“Obama faces delicate balancing act on climate”

As The brainless spineless one heads off to Copenhagen…….as if nothing, ahhh has happened to maybe take a step back…..read it and weep.


29 11 2009


Obama is acting as we would have predicted. Surely, you don’t think he’s a man of principle who would change his behavior because Man-made Global Warming has been found to be fraud?

I fault the Repubs in Congress. Why is Sen. Inhofe the only one so far speaking out on the fraud? Why aren’t the Repubs screaming to stop Obama from going to Copenhagen and giving away the store?

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