Fewer Republicans Unemployed

27 11 2009

This is interesting.

Rasmussen Reports found that 15.0% of Democrats in the workforce are currently unemployed and looking for a job. Among adults not affiliated with either major party, that number is 15.6% while just 9.9% of Republicans are in the same situation.

Anyone interested in providing an explanation for why more Democrats and Independents than Republicans are unemployed? Is it because Republicans are more likely to be self-employed businessmen/women?





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27 11 2009

Unemployment extensions…they have been endless. Why would the majority of the left get off their butts and look for a job, let alone take one if they have been ensured of receiving these, it’s something like 99 weeks and counting for some now…dontcha just love congress-critters.

…and of course there are more conservatives who own small businesses/or self-employed…I wasn’t over-looking that either.

28 11 2009

hhmmm…I think it has to do with the inherent belief that libs believe the govt is there to take care of them while repubs are more likely to be self-starters and more self-sufficient. Have you ever worked in a govt job where you see someone going above and beyond their job description? You know working OT (without pay), thinking outside the box (w/out their union telling them what to do), etc.? Shoot, I knew someone who wanted to go into a govt job as opposed to consulting because they knew they could “coast more”. They lack the character to work hard.

28 11 2009

I don’t trust those stats. Just another media move to say that Dems are lazy and looking for assistance while the Repubs are self starters. Yeah, right! Who fudged those numbers? Nobody called me and included me in on the stats.

28 11 2009


You remind me of my far-left friend Stephanie who is forever immortalized for uttering this exclamation in sheer frustration in an argument with me 20 years ago: “Don’t confuse me with facts! I’ve made up my mind!”

You’re also woefully statistics-illiterate because you do not know:

1. What a representative polling sample means (Earth to gonza: You weren’t asked because you were not part of the sample!)

2. That you have a job does not invalidate Rasmussen’s finding that 15% of registered Democrats are unemployed. (Earth to gonza: This means that 85% of Democrats, including you, are employed!)

P.S. I’ve deleted the ad (#1 job search method) you inserted at the bottom of your comment. Giovanni’s World is an ad-free blog and does not take kindly to commenters using us to advertize. Are all liberals as ignorant, stupid, and ethically challenged as you?

28 11 2009

Just another media move to say that Dems are lazyha ha ha…like every media is reporting this at the top of the news or on the front page. Yeah, didn’t think so. Course if the numbers were reversed then that would be the case!

28 11 2009

It makes perfect sense (well, maybe not to gonzalee22). I’d be willing to bet that in general more Dems are unemployed than Republicans, given the behavior and expectations of each (not *every single* person of course, but generally): Republicans don’t look for handouts from big gov’t. They don’t care who’s president. They just work. Period.

Dems on the other hand have an ingrained entitlement mentality. They and the party they support have been weaned on “the gov’t owes me.” Look at all the footage from Obamaniacs during and after the ’08 campaign – they were just waiting for Obama to become president in order to hold their hand out and for nanny gov’t to give them something they didn’t earn – pay for their house, their food, their health care, etc.. Not long ago in Detroit thousands of poor people (mostly minorities) stood on line waiting to get, as one local news interviewee called it, “Obama money.” Why work? Think I’m generalizing? Think there are an *equal* number of Dems and Reps on the welfare rolls? Doubt it.

And now The Democrat leadership is punishing hard work and initiative through taxation and demonization of the evil “rich” who by means of the unfair capitalist system have stolen from the unemployed what’s rightfully theirs.

Sorry, call me mean-spirited but I’m calling it as I see it: Democrats being unemployed at a higher %age than Republicans is *no* accident.

The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

28 11 2009


I just checked out your blog, Vocal Minority. Most interesting!

Your blog is now on Gio’s World’s Blogroll.
Thanks for having GW on your recommended blog list 😉

29 11 2009

Thanks, Eowyn. Pleasure to be part of your blogroll. Keep on fighting the good fight. -ETR

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