More Good News

24 11 2009

H/T goes out to Steve and his Dog for this story. (actually, Steve’s Dog asked me to mention Steve’s name)

Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama:  The approval gap silently shrinks to a few points

Not that it matters politically because obviously she’s a female Republican dunce and he’s obviously a male Democratic genius.

But Sarah Palin’s poll numbers are strengthening.

And President Obama‘s are sliding.

Complete story here.




2 responses

24 11 2009
Doc's Wife

Palin’s book shows how smart she is in many areas; Barry had to get Bill Ayers to write his!

25 11 2009
Cec Moon

Doc’s Wife makes a good point. Go to Zion Beckons today for a Jonah Goldberg story on the writing comparison. It’s called “Bulwer-Lytton Writing Contest.” It’s a hoot!

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