Another Sick GlobalWarming Video

24 11 2009

You saw the revolting video of polar bears plummeting from the sky.

Here’s another sick video brought to you by the nice people of the Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud. This one is of animals in such despair over global warming that they commit suicide.

Warning: This video is NOT for children!





7 responses

24 11 2009


This helps to explain all the road-kill on the highways. All those fuzzy critters are simply committing suicide. Squished Opossum is one of my favs!


24 11 2009


What these climate change fraudsters are doing is criminal. It’s not enough that they are brainwashing children, this suicide video and the one of plummeting polar bears FRIGHTEN little kids!

24 11 2009

Oh I know, I was just making fun of them. I would also be quite happy to make fun of any adult that would show these to children.

And if an adult objects to me being so verbally abusive with these low-lifes, I would be more than happy to meet them behind the woodshed for further exploration of the painful truth!


24 11 2009

Yeah I remember this sorry @$$ video. Sorry Eco-freaks the science been settled…you cheated!!

25 11 2009

I won’t even watch this video…these friggin freaks should be wrangled up and tazered for the dangerous propaganda they spread. Where’s PETA when you need them…

25 11 2009

Somehow I think a beatin is in order……this steps way over the line. Gio, call me when ya round up about ten, this way the odds will be equal then,,,,,,,you and me and ten sick freaks……
Steve…..and his monster 3 pound killer dog……….LOL

25 11 2009


Leave the Dog home this time. I’m still not over the embarrassment he caused me when I slipped and fell into a pile of your Dog’s pooh! The blokes on the other side fell down laughing and we lost that battle. Nobody can break the neck of a guy when he’s laughing that hard.

Plus, I had to go get a shower.


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