Greens Get Desperate

23 11 2009

This is the nadir.

Global warming Climate-change nazis are so desperate they’ve made this revolting video.

Warning: It’s violent and upsetting! Not for children.





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23 11 2009


I thought all Polar Bears that died, did so by drowning?

What a moronic video!


24 11 2009

OK, 10 seconds in and all I could think of was the jumpers from 9/11. Not going to watch any more. Bast*rds using 9/11 for the sake of their propaganda? Am I off base here?

24 11 2009

DCG……….That’s all I could think of too. I just wanted to go out and hunt down terrorists. Hey maybe these people are terrorists………..hmmmm something to ponder…..what ya think.

24 11 2009

no doubt in my mind that they are terrorists…as for hunting terrorists…you’ll have a pretty clear shot in a New York courtroom soon…

24 11 2009

its bull sh**. I calculated for a 5000 mile trip with a plane that would handle
300 passengers and the weight of the fuel per person might come to that figure. not the green house gases. manipulation of numbers! ugh!

24 11 2009

Thanks, geno, for doing the numbers. So typical of the greens, isn’t it? Lies, deception, fraud. Now, we have thousands of U. of E. Anglia’s e-mail to prove their deception.

24 11 2009

After watching this video I went to the website shown at the end, after reading article I followed links that were mentioned ending up at a twitter post. Throughout my reading it was plain to me that everyone was up in arms about the climate-change and that we needed the treaty to be signed in Copenhagen. All the twitter comments were about these left-wingnuts asking each other if they had gotten their COACH seat TICKETS to Copenhagen. Are they serious? they are complaining in one breath about airplane exhaust and the next breath flying on one!….DO as I SAY not as I DO!!!!

Like Geno I didn’t believe the numbers either. If they were correct the planet would have choked to death by now.

24 11 2009

This is stupid and disgusting. It was horrifying to watch. Reminded me, too, of 9/11. Just disgusting. I thought the website at the end was planet stupid, at first. They must think we are a stupid planet.

25 11 2009


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