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22 11 2009

When the news broke about the hacked emails and database showing intent to mis-lead the world about Climate Change I was thrilled, but I was dealing with my favorite Dog that had been bitten by a Copperhead Snake, so my enthusiasm may not have come through in my postings.

I then read the “Articles Of Impeachment” that Eowyn had posted here. Reading through them gives me hope, along with The Oath Keepers pledge that has been gaining in membership like crazy.

That hope I had started to feel gave way on Saturday evening when the most expensive whore in history was revealed to the American people. She got $300 million dollars and we got the shaft. That one Senator, I mean whore, has only made things much worse for any of the Republicans that were thinking about going back to Reagan Conservatism ideals. Those Republicans may be forced now to run on a 3rd party ticket. I don’t have a problem with 3rd party tickets, I just know the reality of how difficult it can be not being with the GOP or the DNC. Never mind we got one step closer to Centralized Government.

Later in the very same evening the news slowly leaked out as to what Glenn Beck is up to. Even this photo, that will someday be considered an iconic pic of the times we live in, lifted my spirits. My personal interpretation of this pic shows a man that does NOT have his eyes on taking the White House, he seems to be more interested in the people in the streets. That’s the kind of leader this country needs, IMHO.

Knowing what a Roller-Coaster ride of emotions it has been over the last few days, I have to assume that a lot of the readers that stop-by this blog have the same feelings. So with this being the beginning of Thanksgiving week I’m going to try my best not to post so many pieces that give you, and I, whiplash.

This is a good time to be thankful for what we have in this great nation, and to resolve ourselves to the task of keeping it that way. And for all of you that may be traveling to family and friends to share the bounty of this great nation, you must make a promise to yourself and your children to spread the word to those that will listen at your gatherings. It is time to stop the spread of the disease known as Liberalism because it has morphed into Facist/Communism, and the only way to exterminate it is through others that trust your judgement. Pray that they understand the warning you bring to them.

God bless all of you.





4 responses

23 11 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–hope your dog is going to be Ok. Our Yorkie was bitten several yrs. ago by a 4-ft. rattlesnake and lived to tell the tale. This week we should all be thankful for our many blessings, for sure. However, there is a feeling of nagging frustration w/ what is happening in our country. Most of us were brought up to go to church, love God, and love our country–this is now changing. These people are determined and very dangerous and it scares me what they plan to do to our beloved country. I am not sure that 2010 elections will be too late or whether we will ever have another fair election here due to Acorn. I know I am rambling, but I am scared for all of us. What the Hell is really going on!!!!!

23 11 2009

Don’t be scared, be angry and motivated!

If you stop and think about some of the info you have learned just from this one blog, you know exactly what is going on. It’s a struggle between those that want the USA to become a subservient nation to the world. We would become part of a large Communist World community.

Personally, I internalize it this way… it’s a historical struggle between good and evil.


23 11 2009
Cec Moon

Our prayers are with your dog. It is just one more problem which we share. The poison of politics and the poison of snakes always lead to damage without forethought or reason. They are both similarly driven by self-interest.

23 11 2009

My concern is they have a 45 yr head start. I’m Glad people are finally awaking, and Glenn Beck seems to have a plan………but I’ve always thought myself an optimist , except this time. I don’t think we even have the luxury of 2010. I feel It’s a little to late to play catch up fair and square when the deck is so stacked against us. Health care is going to pass. And the damn thing that piss’s me off is I agree health care needs fixin………….just not 2039 pages of these Washington jacoffs fixin. Not one thing in there about buying across state lines…..not one thing about tort reform. They say there is 200 billion in waste alone……where, show it to me ..on what page and go get it. But the biggest scam of all is they keep showing you 10 yr cost projections….Right…………… WELL THAT’S JUST 5 YEARS OPERATING COSTS FOR THE PLAN What the hell happens in yr 6-10?
Welcome to your future, each and every maroooon who voted for Mr. Slice of Heaven.I wish you are last at the Dr’s office every visit………LOL….

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