Beyond Frustrated

22 11 2009

A message from Jack Urban to all members of North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution on Patriotic Resistance!

Hey Perry D. I have been to 5 Tea Party’s and have made two trips to Washington (9.12, and to meet with Michelle Bachman) and frankly I am getting very frustrated that all our efforts seem to have been in vain.

The problem is short of dropping a bomb on the Capital the Congress criminals do not care what we think and are blindly following Obama’s Marxist agenda and we the people be damned.

I think what is needed is to shut down the county with a nation wide strike; get all the independent truckers to park their rigs blocking traffic from coast to coast and do not move until we the people are heard. Or! What else I do not know, short of an armed assult on the White house and hang Obama upside down from a cheery tree.

Frankly i do belive that we have to do something drastic; just protesting is not working and meeting just talking about ideas is getting no place. If Obama care comes to pass, and we are told to pay up or go to jail; I am willing to sit in jail; how about you?

Signed a very frustrated Jack Urban




One response

23 11 2009

Problem is, if you’re sitting in jail you can’t get much done. I like the nationwide strike idea. I was visiting a site yesterday which included some great pictures of the 9/12 march. You know, the one that was ignored by the media and all of government. One of the posters read “We Come Unarmed—This Time.”



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