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20 11 2009

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I was going to post a blog urging everyone to make a last-ditch heroic effort at convincing our respective senators to vote against the Obama(Reid)care bill the Senate will take up tomorrow. That we must concentrate our efforts on FOUR key senators:

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
Shreveport zip code: 71101

Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Omaha zip code: 68114

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas
Little Rock zip code: 72201

Evan Bayh of Indiana
Fort Wayne zip code: 46802

Blah, blah, blah….

My senators are Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. I can talk till I’m blue in the face, and I’ll not change their minds.

It’s the same with your senators. If they’re not with us by this time, the probability is zero that a phonecall from us will change their minds.

I decided to post this essay instead — because the author perfectly captures our predicament and our infinite sadness.




By Lee Cary – Nov 20, 2009

In many and varied ways, Americans are tapping out the international distress signal to each other, since Washington D.C. isn’t listening.
To all except the most zealous supporters of the Democratic Party, the intentions of the party in power have became clear in less than a year.  It’s also clear that there’s not much we citizens can do about it until the 2010 elections.  For now, we hunker down and watch the train wreck in slow motion. This is not defeatism. It’s reality, for now.
Meanwhile, the noise surrounding the decline of the U.S. economy has taken on a contradictory surrealism of sorts.
In the Globe And Mail, economist Nouriel Roubini writes,
“The story of the U.S. is, indeed, one of two economies. There is a smaller one that is slowly recovering and a larger one that is still in a deep and persistent downturn…So, while the United States may technically be close to the end of a severe recession, most of America is facing a near-depression. Little wonder, then, that few Americans believe that what walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is actually the phoenix of recovery.”
On the flip side, Law & Order actor Sam Waterston, a certified liberal, narrates a financial firm’s TV ad wherein he suggests that the recession is showing signs of being over. He mentions “green shoots” and hints that now’s the time to jump back into the market.  Of course, it’s all qualified with maybe‘s and could be‘s.  Most of us are not seeing short shoots by a long shot.
The President has recently declared himself concerned about the federal deficit. It rings as hollow as if Willie Sutton had said, “I’ve stopped robbing banks, even though I know that’s where the money is and I still like saying ‘stick em’ up’.”  The national debt will climb boldly and yearly for the foreseeable future. It’s no longer the elephant in the room. It is the room.
Meanwhile, to divert our attention, NYC will pitch the big tent that’ll host a three-ring international show trial. The media circus will keep people entertained for months, while the dollar shrinks and inflation stirs. It will be a perversion of Bob Hope’s honorable gift to the U.S. military across many holidays and continents: Use a show to take their minds off the war.
Those Americans who align themselves with the G.O.P. have watched their elected officials awaken to the warning signs many of us saw back during the election. Now Senator Lindsey Graham offers sound-bite criticism in his questioning of Attorney General Eric Holder, a man he once voted to confirm.  Graham thinks the NYC terrorist trial is a bad idea. Like Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis), who, in the movie Die Hard, finally gets the attention of the police to a hostage situation by throwing a terrorist’s body on top of a patrol car from several floors up, our message to Graham is “Welcome to the party, pal.”  His friend, John McCain, who wouldn’t use Candidate Obama’s middle name during the campaign, is now so bold as to say the “s” word…socialism. Welcome to the party, John.
In many and varied voices, Americans tapped out their S.O.S. to Democrat politicians at town hall meetings during the summer recess.  Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) is the poster boy for the overall discounting delivered upon the opinions of their constituents. We’ve written letters; waved homemade signs; phoned congressional offices; gathered in large groups. But the train slows not.
Fact is, all that remains for the wreck to begin is for Democrats to make peace with each other, since they’ve had all the votes they needed for a year. It’s just a matter of lining them up with the proper promises, threats, and payoffs.  Persuasion Chicago style.
Most of us probably have a friend or two who explained their pending vote for Obama by offering assurances that he would move to the center if elected, and would govern from that position in bipartisan cooperation with a Republican Congress. Their analysis looks silly and naive in retrospect.
So it’s neither to Republican nor Democrat politicians that many Americans are tapping out their S.O.S.  We’re messaging each other. Occasionally, even complete strangers.  The angst felt by many for the future of the country and, for some, the future that awaits children and grandchildren, grows daily. There are fewer jokes on the street about Obama than there were about Bush. None of this, for many of us, has any humorous edge to it. Satire, occasionally. But humor, so little now as to be none.
Now that Joe Biden’s caravans have gone to running over people and things, already killing one, it’s even hard to find much that’s funny about the guy assigned to ride herd on the impact of the stimulus bill. It’s an impact now being felt in jobs saved and jobs created within imaginary Congressional districts. Forrest Gump would be ashamed of the accounting.
It’s clear that the clowns are in charge and they’re quickly giving away the circus.
So we’re messaging each other, tapping out . . . _ _ _ . . . to the like-minded regardless of any political party proclivity, any status in life or community, any vocation, any color, anything.  Their names are Legion, for there are many of them. And their numbers are growing.
This should alarm the career politicians of both parties, for it makes both their futures much less predictable.



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20 11 2009

Clipped from Seablogger just a minute ago:

Parish the Thought
politics by
If you read down the stupefying paragraphs a bit:

you’ll find this clever phrase: “county or parish.” This passage of the “health care” bill has nothing to do with health. It diverts $100 million to Louisiana for Katrina recovery, without ever mentioning the state by name, or the dollar value of its provisions. It is a $100 million bribe to the wavering Senator Mary Landrieu. The fix is in folks. This thing is going to pass, over your dead body, perhaps quite literally, once the “death panels” commence their merry work.

Is it just me or do ya wish we had some opposition leadership…anywhere? Sigh…jessM

20 11 2009
Doc's Wife

Well said–what else can we do???

20 11 2009

Kinda says it all……………Nice job Eowyn

21 11 2009

I sent faxes to my senators and a bunch of other “key people” the other day. Tried calling but that was pretty much of a bust. Busy. Either phones were jammed by people like me or they were left off the hook. Can’t call today; no one’s picking up on Saturday. And you still wonder why they choose Saturday for their BIG VOTES? They’re not listening anyway; they’ve run amok and we’re left to cope with a new lifestyle. I’m not going to do that. I was half joking a few weeks ago when I said something about my guillotine. I’m not joking anymore. I truly believe that there are millions out here who are ready to lock and load. Many of us have nothing to lose. Heck, a bullet hole can’t hurt much worse than constant pain from an untreated vertebral fracture. Send me!



P.S. I’m not a granny; I’m a just pretend one.

22 11 2009

waiting until Fall 2010 is not a real option, when your country is being stolen RIGHT NOW, in front of your eyes, by force against you and your children.

Dare to resist now. Do whatever you can. Stop this communist coup.
Later it will take much more force to get it back. And it will no longer resemeble the country you remember.

Do what you can now.
Lives depend on it.

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