California Meltdown

20 11 2009

It wasn’t so long ago that California was the Golden State, a magnet for internal and internal migrants.

No more. The California dream has become the California nightmare as the state is stuck in a fiscal meltdown. California now leads the nation in deficit, debt and the amount of residents escaping to other states.

The chicken — of decades of extravagant social spending that bred generations of self-absorbed “entitled” residents, legal and illegal — finally has come home to roost.

Only four months after the legislature approved a controversial plan to close a $24 billion shortfall in the current fiscal year — through state worker furloughs, partial closures of state parks, and funding cuts to the California State University and University of California (UC) systems and many health and welfare programs — the state will face a $20.7 billion deficit next year. Worse still, many one-time fixes state leaders have relied on in the past to close deficits are not available. The state will face $20 billion annual deficits through 2015 if permanent fixes are not made.

Even though U.C. assured students that those from low-income families will not be affected because of grants and subsidies – about 30% or 53,000 of UC are eligible for the free tuition – students still protested in a near riot.

Stay tuned. It won’t get better for the “Golden State.” It will only get worse.





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20 11 2009

Eowyn: I’ve been thinking about this all day trying to get my thoughts together. I hate to see riots like these, but I can well understand the students’ ire at tuition increasing by 32%.

HOWEVER, (and this is just my opinion), how many of these students are progressives themselves? If they are progressives, they have no cause to riot. Progressives want to take from the haves and give to the have nots. I don’t think the progressives like it when it’s their wallets that are affected. Something about “chickens coming home to roost” rings a bell with me.

If I am wrong about this, let me know and I will rescind my statement.

20 11 2009


Most of the student protesters are lefties (I refuse to call them “Progressives”). This is a pattern established since the 1960s: it’s the Humanities (esp. English & Ethnic Studies majors) and Social Sciences students who protest. The hard Sciences and Business majors are too busy studying.

The protesters against the tuition hike are outraged because, for the first time, they can no longer loot from the “haves” as much as they want. Note, however, that the UC administration is still assuring “low-income” students that their tuition will be free. These students make up 30% of undergraduates!

Another thing:

About 5 years ago, a survey showed that the AVERAGE family income of UC students was $60,000, and that most of the students do not work – not even in a part-time job – but were supported by their parents. This was so different from the state university I used to teach in, where the majority of my students worked and paid their own way. Some of my students carried a full course load AND worked full time (40 hours a week). I don’t know how they do it.

In short, I have little sympathy for the UC protesters. This morning, the radio says students at UC Berkeley “took over” Wheeler Hall (a big building on campus that is the locus, appropriately, of the English Dept).

Makes sense! Taking over a building, and preventing other students & profs from their classes, will surely magically dissolve the UC’s budget shortfall of more than $500 million this year!

20 11 2009
Doc's Wife

Excuse me, but am I missing something here? Why are 30% of these people getting A free ride–maybe that is the problem. I’ll also bet some are illegals. When I was in college, I was very fortunate to have parents that could afford to send me, but I had many, many friends who worked extra jobs or had to Co-op to get their degrees. If I had been required to do this, I believe that I would have appreciated my degree more, (Yes, I played too much) Kids now expect to cruise thru college w/o any burdens and w/ as many freebies as they can get. I never thought that I would sound like my grandparents, but we need to quit expecting society to give us everything we want!

20 11 2009

see that hopey changy thing is working out for them……….. 😉

20 11 2009

Ok, this is not going to be a popular comment, but I can no longer help myself.

If I were the president of the University I would call in all the Universities security staff and call in the Sheriffs Dept. If these morons took over a building, which they have absolutely NO right to do, I would ask security and police to clear them out by force and leave it up to them what types of force they used!

Then I would stand outside the building waiting to hear dozens of students yelling “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!


20 11 2009
Doc's Wife

The university president is surely some bleeding heart liberal–they ALL are!

20 11 2009

Local evening TV news says that this morning at 5:30a, a group of about 40 “students” got into Wheeler Hall and locked it down, so that hundreds of students & faculty were prevented from going to their classes in that building all day. At the end of the day, the police began arresting 3 or 4 of them. Hundreds of students are protesting outside the building, some vowing they would stay overnight in the cold (low 40s tonight).

One of them, a male in his 20s, declared that Wheeler Hall “belongs to the students, not the administrators.” LOL

A university spokesman said that most, if not all, of the people still inside in the building who refuse to leave were NOT students.

They’re professional “revolutionaries” — no doubt Che Guevara wannabees!

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