Those Crazy Chinese

19 11 2009

Don’t watch this on a full stomach!





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19 11 2009

Glad I haven’t ate yet.

People are sick.

19 11 2009

You know? I can handle a lot. But watching people eat from a living, moving (albeit totally shocked) life-form is pushing my limits.

20 11 2009

OK, after seeing this comment I know I’m not watching this vid! Sounds disgusting!!

19 11 2009

This doesn’t even come close to the truly horrific:

Chinese, Koreans… also eat dog meat.

Then there’s the terrible cruelties of China’s fur farms:

Note: The fur is DOG and CAT fur!!!

Please DON’T ever buy an animal toy or figurine glued with real fur. These are invariably “made in China” from the fur farms.

And, ladies, please DON’T buy coats or jackets with fur collars & trims. These are also invariably “made in China” from the fur farms.

19 11 2009

Yeah, I’ve been to the open-air markets in Pusan and Pohang, Korea. In Olongapo, Philippines, there was a burger joint that everyone said used monkey meat. I can’t confirm that, but I can assure you, it wasn’t beef.

20 11 2009


Do you start scratching your armpits everytime you get near a banana?


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