Dream – *Palin/Beck* – Ticket

19 11 2009

My first reaction to this story was “dream on”, but while thinking about it, it dawned on me how a ticket like this would fix so many problems. Yes, I meant to say “fix”, which is all dependent on the notion that this ticket would win the White House.

Before you start thinking that I’m hitting the bottle early in the day, let me explain… A ticket like this would only run on a 3rd party ticket. There is NO WAY IN HELL they would run on the GOP ticket, and I doubt they would even consider the Dem ticket. So the first thing (after the initial announcement) that would happen is both parties coming out and basically laughing at the announcement, thereby alienating even more Americans.

Then reality will set in. Both parties would suddenly find themselves looking at their hard-core base for support and realize that there is NOT enough people in their bases to vote them back into office. At this point, a pin hitting the floor could be heard at both party headquarters. Everytime they run a commercial or make a speech they spend their time making fun of the 3rd party candidates. Which of course does nothing because nobody but the base is watching or listening any longer. Bottom line: The Republican and Democrat parties lose big with their tails firmly tucked between their legs. The control of Congress is finally broken with the loss of the two traditional parties. Problem fixed!

I hear some of you saying “but Congress would still be held by the 2 major parties and nothing would get accomplished”. Having Congress shut down and accomplishing nothing is the best thing that could happen to the American taxpayer. Another problem fixed!

Both Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck would demand honesty in government and start the process of weeding out corruption from every government agency under their responsibility. This includes Congress critters and Senate blowhards. Problem on the way to being fixed!

One of the problems they would tackle is the Constitution, as in the lack of lawmakers asking “is it Constitutional?” prior to presenting any legislation. By requiring all lawmakers to ask and answer that one question will fix many problems! 

I could go on and on, but the basics are there as to why I think this is a great idea. Sure the dirt will fly like never before by the 2 traditional parties, but this time things would be different. Few Americans will care about what they dig-up, or make-up, on Sarah and Glenn.


Dream Ticket: Palin/Beck

Don’t rule it out, because apparently Palin wouldn’t either in an interview with Newsmax:

Palin initially chuckled when Newsmax broached the idea. But then she had some serious words of praise for the popular Fox personality.

“I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I’m not there yet,” Palin tells Newsmax. “But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He’s a hoot. He gets his message across in such a clever way. And he’s so bold — I have to respect that. He calls it like he sees it, and he’s very, very, very effective.”

This is an interesting thing to think about. Palin/Beck could unite the conservative anti-Obama movement and basically form a Tea Party ticket that would vent the anti-stimulus, anti-Democratic health care reform, anti-cap-and-trade, sentiment that’s been brewing with a firestorm of angry, populist rallies. It would basically double the phenomenon that happened at Palin’s rallies on the trail for McCain.

Then again, Palin not ruling it out isn’t exactly a big deal: it’s pretty improbable that she would come out and say, “No, I would not run with Glenn Beck.” No reason to disappoint their shared supporters.




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