Wall Street Journal Turns On Sarah

18 11 2009

I cannot comprehend the Wall Street Journal allowing this blatant of an attack on Conservatives. I am a Conservative and I am not a whiner!! Republicans are whiners, Conservatives are NOT!


Wall Street Journal – Thomas Frank – ‎2 hours ago‎

Maybe in their business lives, conservatives are the stern, unforgiving masters of capitalist lore. But when it comes to politics, oh, do they love a whiner!

It is her mastery of the lament that explained former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s appeal last year, and now her knack for self-pity is on full display in her book, “Going Rogue.” This is the memoir as prolonged, keening wail, larded with petty vindictiveness. With an impressive attention to detail, Ms. Palin settles every score, answers every criticism; locates a scapegoat for every foul-up, and fastens an insult on every critic, down to the last obscure Palin-doubter back in Alaska.

From Ms. Palin’s masterwork, we learn that the personal really is the political. Every encounter with a critic seems to be a skirmish in the culture wars, from the Alaska debate moderator who didn’t play fair once to the “wealthy, effete young chap” who ran against her for governor but who, in one of the quickest transitions from anti-snob to snob in all of literature, is also said to have served as “our limo driver at [her husband] Todd’s cousin’s wedding.”

Complete story here.



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18 11 2009

This article came as a total shock to me. I have always upheld the WSJ to be truthful, but my views have changed after today.

Are ALL the media (except Fox News) trying to attack her?

18 11 2009

Yes, would be the simple answer.


18 11 2009

Just read this hit piece by Thomas Frank. I, too, am incredulous that this is a Wall St. Journal editorial. I haven’t read Palin’s memoir, so I can’t really say it wasn’t whiny. However, I do know this:

Early in his editorial, Frank writes: “It is her mastery of the lament that explained former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s appeal last year.” EXCUSE ME? Those of us, who number in the millions, who like(d) Palin in 2008, i.e., the prez campaign, found her appealing because of “her mastery of the lament”??

Mr. Frank, Sarah did NOT lament or whine. In fact, she admirably restrained herself and never lashed out at her many vicious attackers. And for you to say that we liked her BECAUSE she whined is not only not true, it’s insulting of our intelligence. Now that the campaign is over, Sarah is setting the record straight, which she has every right to.

The other reason I am dismayed that this is published in the Wall St. Journal is this other thing that Frank wrote:

“When explaining her political philosophy, for example, she [Palin] tells readers that ‘conservatism is a respect for history and tradition’; on the very next page she instructs readers to accept the creative-destructive whirl of the market, which affects society the way ‘wildfires in Alaska burn away deadfall to make way for new growth.’”

What is the problem, Mr. Frank? Conservatism indeed is a respect for history and tradition, and a traditional institution of America is capitalism; capitalism, in turn, indeed is “the creative-destructive whirl of the market”! I would think that the Wall St. Journal would know that. Tradition does NOT mean stasis. It is Frank, not Palin, who is abysmally ignorant about the definition-meaning of Conservatism and Capitalism!

To conclude, this is utterly baffling. To be sure, we’ll hear/read more about this hit-piece in the days to come.

18 11 2009

I googled “Thomas Frank.” He’s a lefty who writes a blog for Huffington Post. His latest book is titled “The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Ruined Govt, Enriched Themselves, and Beggared the Nation.” I need say no more! But this still doesn’t answer the question of why the Wall St Journal published Frank’s hit-piece on Palin — unless, of course, the WSJ is part of the country-club faction within the GOP?

P.S. When did “beggar” become a verb?

18 11 2009


That splains it!


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