This Could Be BIG

18 11 2009

This should be a great story once it starts to pick up steam. I only hope whatever is going on destroys these media outlets and a butt-load of Dems get caught-up in a huge scandal. That could be my Christmas gift.


The New York Police Department executed search warrants Tuesday at business locations of four New York newspapers and a union office, as part of an ongoing investigation by the office of the Manhattan District Attorney and the police department, a police official said. Click on image to enlarge.

The newspapers involved in the search were the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post and El Diario La Prensa, said Paul Browne, deputy police commissioner. In addition, he said police executed a search warrant at the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union, a local branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Mr. Browne wouldn’t comment on the substance of the investigation.

Payroll and employee records were seized, according to a law enforcement official.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said the investigation “solely concerns business activity and practice and is completely unrelated to the content of any publication.” Neither Mr. Morgenthau nor a spokeswoman would offer additional information.

The Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union represents some drivers for several New York-area newspapers, including the four newspapers searched as well as The Wall Street Journal and the Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J.

Glenn La Chance, an official at the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union, referred a request for comment to an attorney for the union. The lawyer from Cohen Weiss and Simon LLP couldn’t immediately be reached late Tuesday.

Rossana Rosado, the publisher of El Diario, said the police search of the Spanish-language newspaper sought information on the union.

The Daily News was “contacted by the New York City Police Department and the Manhattan D.A.’s office regarding our drivers’ union,” the paper’s spokesman said in a statement. “We are fully cooperating with the prosecutors.”

A spokeswoman for New York Times Co. said that the police had searched the office of an employee at the company’s printing plant in Queens and that the company is not a target of the investigation.

A spokeswoman for the New York Post declined to comment. The Post is owned by News Corp., which also owns the Journal.




One response

19 11 2009

It could be big…it SHOULD be big…but I fear it won’t be.

Another huge scandal with ties all over the place that will be kept mum and swept under the rug.

Just like this one has been.

Doncha just love Chicago and all the ties/connections that we aren’t hearing about…as usual.

Blago and crew better keep their powder dry.

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