NonProfit CEOs Are Fat Cows

18 11 2009

United Way CEO Gloria Pace King has a $2.1 million retirement package!

I have a friend of 30 years, Stephanie, who is a caricature of a West coast liberal. She reflexively favors every left-wing cause — from multiculturalism to going “Green” to Hugo Chavez. She claims to be so empathic that she cannot bear to watch TV news, but she favors abortion on demand and once wrung the necks of two kittens who pooped in her garden. She is also the laziest person I’ve ever known. Her strategy is to work at a job she knows is temporary, then when she’s terminated, she spends the next 6 months collecting unemployment benefits. 

But Stephanie is also my window into the World of the Left. A rule of thumb I’ve learnt is that if Stephanie is enthusiastic about something, watch out! It’s invariably some scam.

For many years now, Stephanie is wild about non profits. If she weren’t so plumb lazy, she would have established her own scam, ahem, non-profit by now.

After you’ve read this article below, if you still donate your hard-earned dollars to corrupt and scandal-prone United Way, then you must give me your phone number, because I have a plot of prime real estate in Antarctica to sell you! LOL

Before you donate, check up a charity at Charity Navigator. For non-profits, there’s Guide Star.




By Sharyll Attkisson – Nov. 17, 2009 –;featuredPost-PE

As head of the Central Carolinas division of United Way, Gloria Pace King was known as a strong fundraiser. She was also pretty good at looking out for No. 1. At United Way, King pulled in a $380,000 salary ($379,962 with a 2008 bonus) and a $2.1 million retirement package.

The surprising truth is, while last year’s compensation fell 9 percent for CEOs at for-profit companies, their cousins in the charity world were making out quite nicely. Their salaries increased on average by more than 6 percent.

In the environmental category, Wildlife Conservation Society’s CEO Steven Sanderson got a $100,000 raise — to pull in a very civilized $938,000 compensation.

Under religion, Inspirational Network’s David Cerullo earned an awe-inspiring $1,580,000.

And in the children’s category, Chief Scout Roy Williams retired in September 2007 with a package worth nearly $4 million.

Non-profits don’t have to pay taxes. Some of them use the money for lavish executive pay instead of their mission. IRS rules forbid “excessive” compensation, but that’s subjective, and the tax man isn’t known for going after charities.

“They say to themselves, ‘If we don’t give this person $700,000, that means that the job’s not important and he can’t do a good job’,” said Pablo Eisenberg, a senior fellow at Georgetown University Public Policy Institute. “I mean that’s the thinking, and it’s appalling.”

Even some small, inefficient charities are digging deep for their CEOs. One reason they get “zero” out of four stars from the non-profit evaluator Charity Navigator.

The Association for Firefighters and Paramedics spends more on their President’s six-figure salary ($125,000) than on services ($107,048).The rest is spent on fundraising and administration, including the CEO’s salary.The Committee for Missing Children spends only 14 percent of its budget helping kids.


Back in Charlotte, the United Way has made some big changes. Jane McIntyre was hired in August after King and her colossal paycheck were forced out. Although she’s earning a lot less money than her predecessor, McIntyre said she’s happy with the salary she has: $142,000, to be exact. But McIntyre says it’s more than enough when you’re in it to help others more than to help yourself.




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18 11 2009

We never, EVER donated to United Way. Our reason was their funding of abortions.

So, McIntyre is happy with a $142,000 yearly salary? WHO WOULDN’T BE? And isn’t it so nice she’s in it to help others. Grrrrrrr!

Donate to local charities, folks. Keep the money at home where it belongs. (Remember Jim and Tammy Faye Baker????)

Okay, Eowyn, enough ranting from me today. I’m going outside and work in my garden. 🙂

19 11 2009

We, as Americans, like to share our good fortuneand like to give, just to be on the safe side, go to the Charity Navigator website to see the ratings of the charities you want to support. As a good rule of thumb giving to Christian charities is good one of the better choices. Give and you will receive!

19 11 2009


Thank you for your Charity Navigator suggestion! Here’s the URL:

Another place to check on non-profits is GuideStar:

19 11 2009

Charity Navigator is ok but misses a lot. I agree, keep it local folks. I give to only two charities both local, not counting my church. My wife, however, is prone to get phone calls from folks like the Sheriffs Rodeo for Little Kids to United Indians for Better Blankets and she usually gives them something or promises them something. She is what you would call a soft touch. She writes the check but depends on me to mail it, heh, heh! Some of those checks don’t get mailed.

I used to be a soft touch too, until I started investigating: the web is a wonderful thing and you really don’t need Charity Navigator to find out stuff.

Don’t get me started on the United Way; they used to have regular promotion time at our office and we were ‘forced’ to attend. No more of that, thank goodness. I, of course never gave to them because as many people noted they sponsored organizations I didn’t approve of. If I want to give, I’ll do it directly.

A side note on the ‘promotions’ of UW: The form contained a check box for signing up, but no way to opt out. I always returned my copy blank.

19 11 2009


When news broke about the first United Way scandal (corrupt CEO using UW funds for lavish spending & travels, including gold bathroom fixtures!), that was when I stopped giving to UW. That was in the 1980s. Since then, UW has had more scandals.

I greatly resent the fact that UW is part of the system of many places of work, including the universities where I taught. But the subtle pressure to conform never dissuaded me from refusing to give to UW! Like you, I choose my own charities, mainly animal charities because, unlike humans, they truly are innocent and have done NOTHING to deserve being destitute, sick, or homeless. Nor do they have big Nanny State to turn to!

4 06 2010
D. Tye

I have heard similar abuses about the Red Cross. I heard that the regional headquarters they built in Florida looked like the Taj Mahal, and the Director, who refused to give the interviewer her salary, is making in excess of $200,000 a year……..

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