Elitist Education Lacking

18 11 2009

UPDATE 11/19/2009: I got caught with my pants down on this story. Fact checking would have been a good idea, but I was so interested in sticking another fork in the Obama administration that I lost my head. And before the Liberal Horde come to point fingers and make fun of me I just want to remind them… I have never claimed to be a Journalist. I’m just one very pissed-off American that alerts people to the shenanigans our government is up to.

Your host,

Giovanni Faga


H/T goes out to littlemissmuffin for sending this. I only hope that neither missmuffin, people who read this article below, and myself, do not become dumber for reading it!

No explanation needed for this one!!!




8 responses

18 11 2009

We are dealing with ignorance and stupidity — as well as sheer grandiosity (“Who made the universe the universe? Ha! We lefty Obamaturds will fix those pesky laws of physics!”) — on such a massive scale that only God can save us from them….

18 11 2009
Doc's Wife

….and they probably have a degree from some “elite” Ivy League school. Even I,an unintelligent southern person w/ a degree from (Oh, my Gosh) Mississippi State University, can understand physics. We learned that in high school there!

18 11 2009

The more I think about this, the more I like it. Not for the sheer stupidity of the Obama clan embedded in GM, but for the education they are getting!

It would be great if these very same elitist morons end up going back to their magical leader and say things like “they could make money if the government would get off their backs and stop regulating them to extinction”. Too bad that we the taxpayer are have to pay for the second education of these elites.


18 11 2009
Cecil Moon

I don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade but this reference: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/physics.asp may have a bearing on how you wish to appraise this piece. It does in no way alter the following from previous comments.
Eowyn–“ignorance and stupidity–as well as sheer grandiosity.”
Doc’s wife–“a degree from an elite university?”
Gio–“sheer stupidity of the Obama clan.”
Whether verified or not, the former observations still apply.

19 11 2009


Well at least it was almost 1/2 right! Thanks for checking, it’s something we need to do more of. Especially ME!


19 11 2009

Uh, Gio, shouldn’t we take down this post then?

[scratching my head]

19 11 2009


I did not check this because it was from a reliable source. It’s MY fault for not checking, Gio. Sorry about the mess.

19 11 2009

Congrats to all that fact checked this item, (I did), I would not be surprised if the other side tries to feed false items just to embarrass or discredit this and other sites that are exposing the left and their own lies. Be alert!

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