Steve’s New Baby

17 11 2009

GiovanniWorld member Steve wants everyone to meet the new addition to his family.

Heeere’s………….Mrs. Sunshine!





8 responses

17 11 2009

See this proves I did not type comment last week… was the dog…….Now if you will leave us alone we have many tinfoil hats to make……..LOL
PS Eowyn…….one more test please…..wooof woooof…..I’ll share my treats with ya……LOL

17 11 2009

My cat Gabriel says “miow” to Mrs. Sunshine 😉

17 11 2009

test test test

17 11 2009

test test test……… me ………..AHHHGGGGHHHHH

17 11 2009

Told you an exorcism is needed! LOL

17 11 2009
Cec Moon


That’s a great looking pup. She looks a lot like our guy, Gus. Good luck and enjoy the love.

18 11 2009

Congrats, Steve.

Damn, I just love puppies. I mean, Oliver was so cute at 4 weeks.


18 11 2009

Loves the puppy! Have fun with the new one….!

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