America’s Trojan Horse

17 11 2009

Robert K. Wilcox is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, documentaries, and screenplays, as well as my friend. His latest book is Target: Patton (2008). An updated revised edition of his first book, The Shroud, will be published at the end of this year. It’s the best account of the mysterious Shroud of Turin I’ve ever read.




By Robert K. Wilcox

It’s time to bring excellence back to the military, most pointedly in the army. Advancement should be for no other reason than merit. Diversity should have nothing to do with it. Not that we shouldn’t have diversity. As Gen. Patton said, “I don’t give a damn who the man is…If  he has the stuff and does his duty…By God! I love him.”

And he did. His troops were a rainbow coalition of probably every race and religion in America at the time, including the first black tankers in the U.S. army.

But the military is for fighting, not righting social wrongs – although, for morale’s sake, it should be fair and just. And generally it has been. The military, since World War II, has been the great equal opportunity employer. It was the first large institution to integrate Blacks in America. And, until the current reign of political correctness in the military – enunciated so clearly by Army Chief of Staff General George Casey over the weekend – did fine with its merit first policy.

Incredibly, in the wake of the killing of 13 and wounding of some 30 more, most of them soldiers, at Ft. Hood last week by Maj. Nidal Hasan, a Muslim terrorist yelling “Allahu Akbar,”  Casey told CNN, “It would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

Diversity! What about his dead soldiers! They’d be alive if the army had been more concerned with winning than social engineering. Diversity does not win battles. Courage, duty, skill, intelligence, care for one’s self and one’s comrades does. It was a shock to most in the military – and former vets like me – that Casey said what he did, as if diversity was some cherished weapon. Admittedly, diversity kills, as Hasan proves. But it was the dreaded friendly fire, insidious fire. How can Casey not know this? He’s supposed to be a soldier, a warrior. But it seems that part of him has been trumped by political correctness.

When politics is interjected in the military it always stifles victory. It is little known – because it’s not taught in our politically correct schools – that the US lost the Vietnam War largely because of politics. We ruled the skies. We won all the major battles. By 1970, we could have rolled to victory. But we were not allowed to because politicians felt it might cause Russia to enter the war. We allowed Hanoi’s MiGs sanctuary. We repeatedly stopped bombing them when we had them on the ropes.

We had similar restrictions in Korea. Fear of Russian involvement kept us from lowering the boom. At the end of World War II, we helped spawn the nearly 50-year Cold War – perhaps the worst war we’ve ever fought in terms of casualties – because politicians were afraid that if we stopped the Soviets from taking Eastern Europe they might start World War III.

Politicians, duped and treasonous, saw Soviet Russia as some kind of utopia and made our forces back off. They gave Eastern Europe to the Russians – the same Eastern Europe we’d supposedly liberated. Patton was so mad about this he almost took troops against the Russians himself. He may have been murdered partly because of that design. Read my TARGET PATTON.

Imposing politically correct diversity to the point of danger on the military is disastrous. Maj. Hasan did everything but fire rockets in the air to signal he was a threat. But his superiors were so afraid of hurting their careers by challenging the politically demanded tolerance for Muslim anti-Americanism that they let him roil to the point of killing and wounding what in the army amounts in numbers to a basic fighting platoon. Even after that, Army leader Casey, was mainly concerned that the tragic failing of army security would injure—diversity?

It didn’t used to be this way. In World War II, after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the US administration, knowing the raiders had help from Japanese spies in Hawaii and on the West Coast facing Japan, interned Japanese Americans. What isn’t taught is the Americans responsible for that internment were not jack-booted Republicans as the Left implies but the Democratic administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was a tough measure, unjust in many ways, proven so by courageous Japanese-American soldiers who fought valiantly for America in Europe. But that’s what FDR, the great liberal icon, did.

It would be stupid and wrong to do the same thing to Muslim citizens here today. Most undoubtedly are Americans first and that should be respected, especially in the military. But the political correctness fostered by Democrats and the Left that now demands a blind eye to anti-American activity by Muslims must be purged from our military and our intelligence agencies – hopefully from the entire society. If not, the extremist Muslim enemy we are now facing will continue to have a weapon every bit as cunning and murderous to Americans as the Trojan Horse was to the ancient city of Troy.




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