So That’s Why He Bowed!

16 11 2009

From American Thinker, h/t beloved GiovanniWorld member LittleMissMuffin!


On a more serious note, have you noticed there’s a common theme to the people to whom Obama bows?

He bowed to Saudi Arabia’s king; he bowed to the Japanese emperor. In both cases, it ‘s “royalty.” Therefore, one can conclude that Obama for some unfathomable reason is tremendously impressed with (in awe of?) royalty.

The Founding Fathers, who explicitly rejected rule by a king after the 13 colonies won their independence, must be rolling in their graves….






5 responses

16 11 2009

If I’m not mistaken it looks like the head batsnot is lighting a cigarette …….. I may be mistaken, and I can’t believe they would allow a photo out loke that…….Look at Emporers hand…….sure looks like a lighter…………… The head spermanator is still a useless surrnder monkey to me……..any thoughts?

16 11 2009

You’re back as Steve! LOL

17 11 2009

Eowyn..not so quick……wordpress nailed me again……let’s see if this works. I’ve used a diff email. Keep fingers crossed………..LOL

17 11 2009


Your computer needs an exorcism! LOL 😀

16 11 2009

It’s a political cartoon and it’s been photoshopped. Thought everyone would get a laugh out of it. 🙂

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