Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm?

15 11 2009

a12Last year, the terrorists that will be brought to New York City for trial, had a trial at Gitmo. It was what is called a Military Tribunal, somewhat different from our civilian courts but equally just and fair. During this Tribunal all the terrorists plead guilty and bragged loudly as to given the chance they would kill more Americans for Allah. Anotherwords, they plead guilty and backed-up their plea with calls for more violence against the Great Satan. Us of course.

Anyway, it is high time to ask our Government a simple question, a million times if need be, concerning recent developments. “IF THEY HAVE ALREADY PLEAD GUILTY IN A MILITARY COURT, WHY THE HELL ARE WE BRINGING THEM TO N.Y. FOR A CIVILIAN TRIAL?”


P.S.  It wouldn’t have anything to do with what’s written below now would it?

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

FOXNews – Stephen Clark, Joseph Abrams – ‎3 hours ago‎ Some critics say a civilian trial — instead of a military tribunal — for self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his accomplices could end up targeting the Bush administration and its anti-terror policies.















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15 11 2009

Maybe they will put them up at the Waldorf

15 11 2009

I got problems posting…..Steve…… I think this is gonna post as “Stunguns and mace…….an old blog I had…….Word oress is screwing with me.\
This is STEVE>>>>>>>>>STEVE>>>>>STEVE

15 11 2009



15 11 2009

Gio…….word press keeps making me log in to and old blog I had. If I log out it says to receive comments go to this lonk, which takes me to wordpress and login………I tried creating new blog, but says email is taken…….yeah…no shit I have it. So anyway I guess this is my new handle. Steve with tin foil hat.
PS I finally Got a dog…………It’s a ten week old cock-a-poo puppy…… Son has allergy’s so I had to go with one of these cross breeds…..I’ll send ya pics…………Can ya do a write up that “Stungunsand mace” which was an online self defense biz I had a few years back I sme and find out if anyone else is having probs with wordpress. I mean you don’t need a word press to log on to your blog……… it’s really weird…………Steve……..Steve with tin foil hat…nutso Steve, Loveable ole me………….<bSTEVE, STEVE, STEVE, STEVE, STEVE, STEVE, STEVE

15 11 2009

Ok Steve help is on the way. Whatever you do, don’t let the white jackets worry you.

In the meantime… Almost the entire WordPress staff is attending some sort of seminar/party this week in NYC. Plus, WordPress has been doing all sorts of upgrades and such, so I can see where things may have gotten a little weird since the last time you tried to use a WordPress email address, or blogname and password.

All that just to say I have no freakin idea what’s going on. Try contacting their online forum. I have had decent help, about 50/50, when I have asked questions.

So you are finally admitting that this stungunsand…. is your Dog signing in. Good, the first step in getting help is to admit you have a problem. Well, the guys in white coats should be there soon so why don’t you go start packing. And because of “THE INCIDENT” you had the last time with the Hospitals Petting Zoo, leave all the guns home, ok?!


16 11 2009

Gio, you promised to never mention the petting zoo incident…
OK…………..To play on your blog you do not need to be a member of word press right?…I have never had to sign in till this week, so why all of a sudden is it requiring me to sign in to a 3 yr old blog which I have not used in 3 yrs. And if I sign out and check the comments box like I have for the last yr…It sends me a message bringing me back to sign in on Word press……Now the weird part….Most of the page is in Arabic……….I swear…You think it’s a Phishing scam or something? Anyone else having probs with wordpress? Eowyn said she had a prob one day…….Tin foil hat today….did you get oic of dog, or did I even send it?……LOL

15 11 2009

could end up targeting the Bush administration and its anti-terror policies. Um, you think? Holder and The Traitor are the democratic jihads running this mess…payback in 2010 and 2012 can’t come soon enough…

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