President of the Planet?

15 11 2009

Al Gore cartoon

Last night (Nov 14), Al Gore was in Boca Raton, Florida, to do his usual schtick–give a speech on global warming climate change to a crowd of about 800, while more than 200 protested across the street from the event.

Gore was introduced by a sycophant — “eco-entrepreneur” Marci Zaroff — as “president of the planet”!

Zaroff said:

“It’s an interesting twist of fate here in our own backyard that former Vice President Al Gore has taken on a new platform and is now a catalyst for world change. So, in essence, he’s president of the people. He’s president of the planet. And the work that he’s doing is more important than any other work that could possibly be done.”

Excuse me while I throw up!

To read the news article, go HERE.





2 responses

16 11 2009

His plane should run out of the precious liquid that he rails against

16 11 2009

Just think how much his carbon footprint is for that huge house of his!

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