Calling All Conservatives

15 11 2009

For all the Conservatives that read this blog now and in the future, I have an announcement to make…

Giovanni’s World is officially welcoming the addition of the “Conservative Endowment for the Arts” to our ammunition locker. In this day and age where a Marxist political soldier can become the President of the United States of America, we need a large number of creative weapons in our ammo lockers as we move forward in our fight to save this great nation. The Conservative Endowment for the Arts is just one weapon that we have recently thought of. Actually, it was the artwork of our fellow blogger, artist, and patriot ‘bkeyser’ that gave us the idea. You can read more about the idea at the CEA Homepage.

Not only are we announcing the official opening of the site for the CEA, but we are also reaching out to Conservative Artists. That’s right, if you have artistic skills we invite you to become part of the Artistic Warriors that supply Political Art for the world.

As you can see from our stats page below, we already had 76 unique visitors to the site. All I did was link the name CEA on one response I made on a popular Conservative site earlier today, and 76 people looked just out of curiosity. There was no explanation of anything to do with the site. What you see below is all they saw. So from the looks of things this might catch-on (which of course is the idea). If you would like to dabble in political art please go to the page and read the rules. Keep in mind that not only will you be getting your work seen by many, you may help to defeat the takeover of this country by the left. If the Obama White House can use the NEA, National Endowment for the Arts to push their Marxist agenda, we can use Art to push them back! And the best part is… it won’t cost anyone any money!

C’mon, check it out and tell any artists you know to give us a shot. The country they help save could be their own!

Conservative Endowment for the Arts 76 More stats

Here’s an example by our own in-house Artist ‘bkeyser’…


Click to enlarge.





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