Maj. Hasan Is An Islamic Jihadist

13 11 2009

Written by Cecil Moon and crossposted at his blog… Zion Beckons. 

What’s in a Name

a01aI am going to pound this thought until we are sick and tired of reading it and achieve the just ends which will be the result.   It is imperative that we stop pussy-footing around and assign the proper nomenclature to people who commit attacks upon the United States .  It becomes increasingly obvious to all thinking persons that Maj. Hasan was a dedicated Islamic terrorist who, in the name of jihad callously murdered a dozen random Americans and wounded thirty-one.  In an obvious and ongoing process, he repeatedly demonstrated his hatred of the country and all the noble goals his fellow citizens had sought over history and currently.

The path followed by those officers in command and those close to him in the Army shames the service of every man who ever served.  That route was cluttered with failure to identify his goals of jihad and his false allegiance to America and its people.  In total it was a childish response to an adult problem.  Maybe if we cover our ears and don’t listen; if we shield our eyes and don’t see; if we don’t speak ill of a fellow officer; then, perhaps, it will all “go away.”  This is how children escape the boogie man.  Our Army has a noble history of confronting impossible odds and overcoming our enemies in battle.  Apparently the vigilance required in combat has not carried over to stateside duty. 

The only way to bestow appropriate honor to those who died at Fort Hood is to STOP IT!  Stop the practice of putting icing in pretty colors on pieces of offal who slaughter our troops and defame our traditions.  Man up and admit that the system failed—and then make the necessary corrections.  Have the courage to call a traitor a traitor and earn the leadership designation which you are tasked to accomplish.  If, as an officer, you are reluctant to protect your men, defend the constitution, and have vision beyond your own narrow confines—get the hell out!  Make way for those men and women who understand honor, duty, and service to the country without exceptions to accommodate the possibly offended. 

Lest you see excessive criticism of the officers of the Army as the goal of this essay, let me assure you that I hold in equal contempt the media, congress, the administration, and that portion of the citizenry who share their dangerous reluctance to call a spade a spade.  When you see a man standing with two smoking pistols amid a pile of dead and wounded bodies, how can you use the term “alleged” to describe that individual?  That becomes dishonesty in the extreme.  How much proof is required to identify an action for what it was—cowardice and premeditated murder!

Those who have come forward with various observations about the previous behavior of the perpetrator of this outrage need to be questioned as well.  Did they report the activities of Hasan to their superior officers?  Did the FBI follow up on their investigation?  Obviously not!  Words have meaning but only if they are heard and understood.  To dismiss the obvious and not follow up is dereliction of duty as surely as falling asleep on guard duty.  How many twin towers, recruiter deaths and Fort Hoods will it take to awaken us to the Islamic threat to our republic?  We are at war.  If we continue on this road, these rag heads are going to succeed in their avowed intention of killing us all.

I hold no interest in the subtle differences of various sects within the larger body of Islamic believers.  When faced with a determinative separation of the nuanced validity and intention of each individual body within the group I tend to lean toward the “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out” school.  Their commonality lies in the much verified truth that superior force is about the only thing they understand.  For the doubters I would suggest a review of the extremely successful “surge” tactic which provided a large measure of success in Iraq .  Once they became convinced that they faced a powerful enemy with virtually unlimited resources they became docile and susceptible to self-governance.  Have we learned nothing?

We have learned some valuable lessons here on this bluff top home tucked away in the Ozarks.  One of our primary priorities is to kill each and every Copperhead we come across.  You may now send PETA and the rest of the sob-sisters to protest our cruel attitude.  While I am quick to admire their ability to become camouflaged in leaves, I do not wish to endure the pain which can be inflicted by failing to see one.  If they are no longer present, they cannot bite.  It is as simple as that.  Any excursion on our twenty acre patch carries the obligation to be armed.  We have also learned to trust the warning grandpa gave that “they never die until sundown.”  We do not tolerate a threat to our family.  The parallels to Islamic extremists are all too clear.  Perhaps the government might learn a thing or two from the hicks in the sticks.

If we do not immediately dispense with the notion that hurtful speech will kill us before an attack by Muslim extremists we shall wind up the losers.  As a people, we are used to confronting evil nations.  We are going to have to learn that concepts, ideas, and ideology are an equal if not a superior threat.  If we cannot wrap our minds around that thought, we are doomed to failure as a nation and as a people.  Each citizen needs to understand this thoroughly before we can go forth and continue to succeed as a republic.  The time has come to put our political correctness in the trash bin of history and speak the truth.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon




3 responses

13 11 2009

America is reaping the consequence of DECADES of political propaganda and brainwashing by the Left about “diversity,” “tolerance,” and “multiculturalism.” Never mind that it’s NEVER about “diversity” of thought, or “tolerance” and respect for Christianity.

Aack! I’ve (we’ve) said all this so many times before. It’s gotten to the point that I’m sick of hearing it from myself….

14 11 2009

Test….My Goldfish.test.problems.sorry

14 11 2009


I thought you’re taking a sabbatical?

Do it — for the sake of your mental sanity & physical health!

~From a war wounded Eo

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