Obama Poll

12 11 2009

Design by BobKeyser, for Conservative Endowment for the Arts

The Marin Independent Journal (of liberal San Francisco Bay Area) has a poll on Obama.

I just voted, at 11:50 am West coast time, Thurs., Nov. 12, 2009. The results were:

Honeymoon is over

How would you rate President Obama’s performance so far:

Total votes – 536

Excellent: 75 votes or 13.49%

Good: 120 votes or 21.31%

Average: 85 votes or 15.09%

Poor: 282 votes or 50.08%

Go HERE to cast your vote!





2 responses

13 11 2009

HA…just after 9 pm on the West coast and it’s over 60% for poor!

13 11 2009

Just voted…

Excellent: 153 (9.708)

Good: 217 (13.76%)

Fair: 145 (9.2%)

Poor: 1061 (67.32%)

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